“We Will Be Vindicated” – Says ANC Leader Alex Cummings

The Political Leader of the Alternative National Congress (ANC), Mr. Alexander Cummings, has reassured hundreds of supporters that he will be vindicated from the state sponsored criminal trial against him. He emphatically stated the charges are based on falsehoods and lies.

The ANC Political Leader’s statement was in response to questions from supporters during exchanges at a community engagement on Friday, April 8, in the Samuel Dahn Community in District 6, Montserrado County.

District #6, including the GSA area and the Samuel Dahn Community, has an estimated 26,000 registered voters according to reports.

Mr. Cummings said the criminal trial relative to the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP) framework document is part of the plots and schemes being masterminded by the government and cronies to frustrate his agenda for genuine change in Liberia.

Questions directed at Mr. Cummings and how an ANC Presidency would deal with the issues, ranged from deplorable community roads, lacked of employment opportunities and investment, the deteriorating economic situation which has rendered parents as indigents, to the alarming drugs abuse and poor health care delivery system in Liberia.

Responding, Mr. Cummings blamed the deteriorating economic conditions to gross mismanagement and ineffectiveness of the national Leadership and said also part of the blame is the poor choices of Liberians in electing the wrong people into power.

The ANC Political Leader spoke of the enormous God given wealth and resources to Liberia and said it is unacceptable for the vast majority of Liberians to be living in abject poverty, while a few live comfortably.

On the issue of the alarming drugs abuse, Mr. Cummings spoke of the need for youth empowerment through job creation and vocational training, while at the same evoking the law to deal drastically with persons engaged in the smuggling of illicit drugs in the country.

The ANC Political Leader said Liberians need to change the centuries way of doing things and wake up to the realities that to change Liberia, to make it better and prosperous, “we have to elect people who are not corrupt and with vision to change the poor state of affairs.”

Mr. Cummings reaffirmed the ANC’s strong commitment to genuine change that will empower women and youths, lift Liberians out of poverty, and improve the living conditions of vast majority.

In a related development, a 27-women member delegation representing the Successful Women Organization of Liberia, Thursday, April 7, paid a courtesy call on the Political Leader of the Alternative National Congress (ANC), Mr. Alexander Cummings, at his office in Monrovia. The group is a faith-based organization comprising prayer and businesswomen, community leaders and students of Montserrado and Margibi Counties, with a membership of over 600.

The President of Successful Women Organization of Liberia, Madam Ophelia Wleh rekindled the ANC Political Leader, Mr. Cummings with hope of success for his Presidential bid in the 2023 general and Presidential elections.

Madam Wleh spoke of the need for genuine change through a good and competent national leadership that would restore the lost hope of Liberians for a better and prosperous nation. In general discussions, the women spoke of the difficult and harsh economic conditions they have to endure in supporting their families and sending their children to school. Worst of all, they lamented about that marginalization of women and violence against women, are becoming too unbearable in Liberia.

In response, Mr. Cummings expressed thanks and appreciation to the women group for the visit and assured them of the ANC’s and his strong commitment to supporting women empowerment, as well as protection of women’s right against sexual based violence including rape. Mr. Cummings said it is unacceptable that in the abundance of wealth and natural resources, the vast majority of Liberians are living in abject poverty due to gross mismanagement by the national Leadership.

The meeting was climaxed with special prayers offered by the women to protect and strengthen the ANC Political Leader’s resolve in his quest for the Presidency come 2023.

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