“We Have All Reasons To Celebrate” -Presidential hopeful Nathaniel Barnes

Former Minister of Finance, and Presidential hopeful, Nathaniel Barnes has said that despite the insinuations from some naysayers that the country has nothing to celebrate in its 175 years of independence, there are a lot to celebrate, citing some good qualities according to him the country possesses.

In a shared short podcast message to Liberians both at home and abroad to commemorate Liberia’s independence, Barnes extended his goodwill message and saluted them for their steadfastness exhibited over the years despite all the challenges the country has been experiencing though he also admitted that the country has not taken full advantage of the opportunities that have come the way of the country.

“We have come a long way, yes we have stumbled along the way and have not exploited the opportunities that have been presented to us. I listened to some of the naysayers, when they say we have nothing to celebrate but that is wrong, we have a lot to celebrate ; there are certain qualities we need to celebrate and embrace”, he said.

“We should celebrate Liberians’ resilience; they have been able to come through a lot and still stand up proud.

“We should celebrate Liberians’ hospitality; how we are able to embrace even outsiders and make them feel at home.

“We should celebrate our ability to empathize with others and reach out to see how to help them. We have those qualities to celebrate and embrace them. Let us use those qualities and build on them for a greater and brighter future for Liberia”, he said.

The former Liberian Ambassador to the United States of America reminded the Liberian people that the country’s destiny is in their hands, urging them to be careful to make good and solid decisions that will affect the future of the country by knowing the answers to what he called some fundamental questions.

“There are three fundamental questions we need to answer that will make us a better and greater country. What we want, what should we do to get what we want and how willing and prepared we are to do what we must do to get what we want.

“With that focus and ability to get together to build on those strengths, I see a prosperous Liberia for the future. Enjoy your 26th Day and God bless you and your family, God bless Liberia, thank you”, he concluded.

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