“War Crimes Shouldn’t Be In Your First 100 Days” -Sen. Nimely Cautions Boakai; Wants Focus on Development

MONROVIA: As opinions continue to be divided among Liberians on the issue of the establishment of a War and Economic Crimes Court (WECC), Senator Thomas Yaya Nimely of Grand Gedeh County has expressed open opposition to the establishment of the Court and urged President Joseph Nyuma Boakai to focus on bringing meaningful development to the country and not placing high premium on the WECC as it has been currently trending in the country.

Addressing newsmen in his office yesterday at the Capitol Building, Senator Nimely said it was even out of place to make Senator Prince Y. Johnson to support the establish of the WECC, wondering in the process why would the Boakai government worry about Prince Johnson who is already aging and in his 70’s,  and walking slowly like a turtle.

“Rescue your nation, look at the hospitals, look at the schools, bring the teachers back into the classrooms, look at the behavior of the people, look at the gasoline price, the roads that are being built, reason why people cannot get food from one village to another; those are the things you promised for the first 100 days”, Senator Nimely lamented

The tough talking politician told President Boakai that the WECC should not have been prioritized ahead of other key areas that should serve as priority needs of the country and its people, frowning that on placing WECC among the President’s deliverables in his first 100 days in office is worrisome. He added that it would have been better if President Boakai had shifted it far deeper in his 6 year term, like in the 4th year when he is almost done with his leadership.

“War Crimes Court should not be in your first 100 days, take it from your 100 days and put it in your 4th year when you are almost leaving power, by that time if you can bring War Crime Court, nobody will care,” Senator Nimely said noting that when the President can bring War Crimes Court in the first 100 days, all his programs will be undermined.

He furthered that the thought of the WECC seems not to be clear with President Boakai and his government, and that there is a confusion between and among government officials how to go about getting hold on those who they have in mind to apprehended and prosecute.

He insisted that from what he has seen and come to realize, the government did not consult regional leaders from Cote d’Ivoire, Guinea, Nigeria and Ghana and that the leaders of those countries are not happy with Boakai and his government.

“Did you talk to Ghana, this was a country that spent thousands of millions of dollars; they sent their children here during the war and they died here. Did you talk to Nigeria? Nigeria sent their children here and they died here in the country and they continue to insist that the war in Liberia will end. Did you talk to Guinea? Did you talk to Cote d’Ivoire? You never talked to all of those people; they are against what you are doing because Liberia is still fragile. We are peaceful but we are not stable. This is not a stabilized country”, Senator Nimely said

Yaya Nimely further urged Boakai to be proactive to listen to the pulse of the nation to know where the problem of the country really exists and how he will intend to provide a solution.

“Things are going on daily and nightly, this president needs to listen, and to watch and to analyze; remove War Crime Court from your agenda now. Remove it from your agenda. The constitution does not allow a white man to be a citizen in this country. No Whiteman is supposed to be a citizen in this country. And you know who passed the first law? It was our brothers who came from America as slaves, and they said to us, the white people are bad people, the Senator further lamented.

The lawmaker opined that the founders of Liberia detested the way the Whiteman treated us black in slavery. For this reason they came back bearing in minds that they were now free and will no more suffers in the hands of the whites, a reason for which they inscribed in the Constitution that no Whiteman should be a citizen of this country and the other tribes, including the Gola people, the Vai people, the mende who agreed that  no white man will be citizen and therefore supported the Constitution ”, he said.

Yaya Nimely, himself a former warlord,  who was indicted by the report of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission(TRC) seems to be bothered much about the call for WECC as he has said several times he did not commit any crime and willing to defend himself in any court of competent jurisdiction if summoned to do so.

With his stance on the matter, it is expected that he may team up with Senator Prince Yormie Johnson of Nimba County, probably the only known warlord in the country who has spoken openly against the WECC.

As the resolution is said to be on its way to the Liberian senate, the two senators will definitely be at the forefront to thwart the passage of the resolution to save their political careers as well as allowing them the space to continuously dictate to the tone of national politics.

Several persons have shown concerns that two TRC indictees who have been speaking out boldly could constitute threats towards the relative peace this country has been enjoying since the end of the civil war in 2003 and “therefore their statements opposing the WECC should not be viewed lightly.”

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