Wanted & Arrested – Police Nabs an Admitted Murderer

By: John Dennis Weah, Jr. 

He was wanted during a seven year fugitive life; but as the adage goes, “Children know how to run but not how to hide.” And so was the case of 35-year-old Mohammed Konneh otherwise known as Khalon, who allegedly murdered one Bangalee Konneh within the LPRC Community, along the Somalia Drive since November of 2012; he has been arrested by the Liberia National Police (LNP) and subsequently charged with murder.

Khalon, as the suspect is affectionately called by his contemporaries, was arrested after seven years of escape from prosecution. Police charge sheet indicates that the offence by defendant Mohammed Konneh is in violation of Chapter 14, Subchapter A, and Section 14.1 of the Revised Panel Code of the Republic of Liberia.

The Director for Press and Public Affairs of the LNP, Mr. H. Moses Carter, informed journalists that the defendant was acquainted with his constitutional (Miranda) rights upon his arrest, investigated and subsequently charged with the crime of Murder for “purposely, knowingly and intentionally causing the death of Bangalee Konneh by piercing his stomach” thereby leading to the protruding of the intestine of the deceased in 2012.

Detailed report of police investigation says, facts and circumstances established on Mohammed Konneh revealed that he and his fiancée Irene Thompson were in confusion and he told her to leave his house, or else he was going to do something bad to her that will take him to Central Prison. By then it was reported that he was already in possession of a knife.

Investigation also states that his fiancée Irene was also a seller of cooked food within the LPRC Community and for said reason she used to wake up around 4:00 AM every morning to prepare her food for sale.

“During the month of November of 2012, at about 4:00 AM, while Irene Thompson (defendant’s fiancée) was out cooking her food, defendant Konneh appeared with a knife on his side, telling his fiancée to leave; a situation which resulted to heated exchange of words between them.

In process, a pastor who lived in the community, Peter S. Gebear, and the victim were passing going toward the victim’s house to confirm whether the victim was living within the community at which time defendant Konneh went behind them to inquire whether or not the victim was a criminal.

Police investigation further revealed that after it was confirmed by one Ganyay James, saying that the victim’ was a housemate, Pastor Gebear decided to disregard the inquiry by defendant Konneh, but the defendant Konneh insisted that the victim was a criminal, which resulted to an exchange of insults between the victim and the defendant.

According to Police detailed, pastor told defendant Konneh to leave the victim on grounds that it has been verified that he was not a criminal but defendant Konneh refused to listen, and insisted further that the victim was insulting him.

Eventually, both of them jumped into fist fight at which time the victim started shouting that he was stabbed by defendant Konneh.  The shouts by the victim claimed the attention of other community dwellers from indoors who immediately rushed to the crime scene at a garage where the incident took place in order to see who was shouting, while defendant Konneh was calling “rogue, roque.

“To the upmost surprise of the concerned residents, when they got on the scene, they only met the victim lying on the ground with his intestine out, bleeding profusely, while defendant Konneh, who was also shouting rogue, had fled from the crime scene to an unknown destination along with the fruit of the crime, the weapon used to murder and disposed of it.

Thereafter, the victim was taken to the Benson Hospital for treatment and was pronounced dead on arrival, it was furthered revealed.

After about seven years of being a fugitive, Mohammed Konneh finally surfaced and was arrested on Friday, February 22, 2019 based on a tip off on Ashmun Street.

With the foregoing facts and circumstances surrounding the incidence and coupled with witnesses’ testimonies, as well as defendant Konneh tacit admission to the crime, police investigations have resolved to have him charged with the crime of murder pending court trial.

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