VP Taylor Is World She4She Champion -Honored at She4She Submit in Belize, Central America

She was once the First Lady of Liberia before becoming Liberia’s first ever female Vice President. All these glass-ceiling-breaking experiences come with ingrained passion for feminism, underpinned by strong and concrete agenda for gender equality and women empowerment over the years. During the last three decades, she has catapulted the fight and campaign for women liberation and freedom beyond the borders of Liberia, and she has become well-respected regionally and internationally. This has also made her a subject of deserving honor and awe amongst her peers far and near. Once again, international favor has befallen Liberia Vice President thousands of miles away from home when she was invited to speak on women equality issues. After a moving speech, there in Belmopan, Belize in Central America, Madam Jewel Howard Taylor was once again targeted for coronation in the fields of feminism, as The Analyst reports.

Liberia’s Vice President, Madam Jewel Howard Taylor, has bagged yet another honor for her work in the fields of gender advocacy and women equality.

At the end of the first SHE4SHE Summit in Central American nation of Belize, the baton for the first She4She Champion 2022 was awarded to the first female Vice President of Liberia, Chief Dr. Jewel Howard Taylor. She is now officially the 2022 WORLD SHE4SHE CHAMPION.

An official and organizer of the first She4She Submitted alarmed after Vice President Taylor was decorated: “What an honor to be bestowed upon a Liberian trailblazer and a true she4she advocate for over 20 years. Congratulations VP Taylor. Keep On Lighting Your World for others to follow.  Congratulations to Liberian Women In General And African Women In Particular.”

The presentation came after the Liberian Vice President delivered a powerful statement at the submitted which attracted enormous applauses and ovations.

She praised the summit as not only historic, but is a critical point of reflection, especially as the world looks back at the history of Women’s Empowerment and Equality.

VP Taylor drew the attention of her international audience to that fact that it has been 47 years since the United Nations held the first World Conference on Women in Mexico; followed by the Beijing Conference which produced the blue print for Women’s Equality around the world. 47 YEARS, which means that in 2025 this movement for EQUALITY AND EMPOWERMENT would have lasted for 50 years.

She alarmed: “Can you imagine, that after 47 years the international average for women’s equality in positions of LEADERSHIP AND INFLUENCE IS A BARE, 10% as per the PEW RESEARCH CENTER current statistics. This number remain shocking as women represent about 49.6% of the Population of the World.”

She said it is for this very reason that the She4She summit was time, as statistics show that the collective numbers of Women in Governance, Leadership and Authority around the World remains low, in comparison to the high levels of World attention, engagements and conversations taking place in every sphere of Life and at every table of Influence.

“As we celebrate International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month, please keep in mind that THERE IS MUCH MORE TO BE DONE,” the Liberian Deputy Chief Executive stated.

“As a member of the Board of the Women’s Political Leaders Forum, headed by Former President of New Zealand MADAM Helen Clark, and represented by Women leaders from every segment of the World, our mission is to increase both the number and influence of women in leadership thru advocacy at all tables of Discussion across the World; and to encourage females to continue to get involved.

According to her, as the current Chair of the Board of the African Women Leadership organization, “our mandate is to work to empower females through education, mentoring, and to provide platforms for economic and political engagements.”

She noted that statistics command an urgent need to gather at this point in time; and look at all angles of our collective work across all spectrums of the World and find new ways and means by which “we can meet this mandate of a bare minimum of 30% of women at all levels of Leadership and Governance—in our One World.”

Madam Taylor used the occasion to applaud the Lord Mayor of the host city, “Her Worship Madam Palacio and the members of this important forum for being foresighted to call for such an assessment to be done; and calling our attention to stop; look at how far we have truly come; renew our commitment to this just struggle and forge a way forward; which we hope shall ensure the dream of equality and empowerment for women; and make it a reality before the 50th anniversary of this movement.”

Excellencies, our Lord Mayor, Special Guests, Fellow Participants, Distinguished Ladies and Gentleman this is the Task of this first ever SHE4SHE SUMMIT.

She quipped:  “Why are the numbers of women in leadership across the nations of the world still so very low, though women make up about 49.6% of the population in most nations? and how can we as women work together to remedy this situation, change dynamics, and create a better narrative?”

She said the two queries are critical for discussions, “out of which I hope a Resolution shall be drawn UP, SIGNED and distributed to PARTNERS and HE4SHE CHAMPIONS the world over. For if in almost 50 years we are at a bare 10%; how can women reach the minimum threshold of 30% in 3 years?”

Madam Taylor called on some of her female counterparts, stating that they may not have grasp the enormity of their assignments.

“Our mandate as help metes is God given; and we cannot stand aside and look. We must get engaged and fully participate. our presence and participation are critical. For we make the world go around,” she said, adding: “BUT because the mindset of both genders; Women who are in this MOVEMENT must answer these questions, not once, not thrice but as many times as they are asked. For to change the mindset of the power brokers -and the divine helpers; the answers must make sense, change their perspective and convince both to make a complete turn around, in order to see differently and act differently.”

She said the REALITY and the basic answer to this line of questioning is simply that “Women’s full and equal Participation is necessary; because the choices for life as being made for Humanity; which are decided through the voices and votes of our Representatives; must be reflective of the participation of both genders thru their numbers. These numbers should exemplify the configuration of our societies in a way which reflect both genders.”

Speaking of fairness, the Liberian Vice President said women make up almost half of the population, and they should be represented as their numbers indicate, especially since Representation is the core basis of democracy.

She said further: “To ensure full participation by all – many reports and key statistics have proven that women’s participation impacts decision-making in a positive way. Which reflects their aspirations, especially since females have different priorities from their male counterparts. Some examples include equal opportunities for female participation, training, growth and empowerment, equal pay, an enabling space to have their voices heard; and the opportunities to speak about societal ills which negatively affect them such as the elimination of sexual and gender based violence amongst others indices. And opportunities to change these negative patterns which are only possible when linked to higher levels of female representation.

“To ensure consideration of Female PRIORITIES -as reflected in a 2014 Report from the International Parliamentary Union; which clearly stated that increased presence of women leaders in the Governance Space brought to light critical issues affecting the growth and development of Females such as increased opportunities for and access to equal opportunities in all spheres of life and not just those traditionally prescribed to me. Such are joining the Army, participation in STEM Programs, World and Political Leaders amongst others.”

She also alluded to accelerating development, something she noted which allows 50% of the VISIONS, ENERGIES AND DYNAMICS WOMEN BRING TO THE EQUATION – Because women make up almost 50 percent of populations across the world, they hold similar amounts of the INNOVATION and IDEAS for transformation. To not include them withholds almost 50 percent of all that is needed to accelerate development and growth. Truth be told – women hold up half of the Sky.

To provide a platform for women to encourage others to participate, VP Taylor asserted that “it has been found through many studies that increased numbers of women in leadership, politics and governance encourages more women to participate at all levels and become actual stakeholders in national development.”

To enhance democratic tenets, she emphasized: “Our democratic institutions depend on a fulcrum of equal participation and the Rule of Law as the basis for PEACEFUL COEXISTENCE and the inclusion of both genders in a democratic space further strengthens democratic tenets and ensures the creation, growth and sustenance of better systems of Governance.”

Vice President Taylor called on women to change their mindset and accept the responsibilities that the World needs them is all aspects of LIFE in order to fulfill God’s mandate; to dream of how their involvement can make the changes we need for a better world; and put in place PLANS of how to ACHIEVE their DREAMS of becoming CHANGE AGENTS.

She also called on women to become proficient in the chosen field of Influence and learn the rules of the game for that sector and remain a positive role model.

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