“Vote Weah, Vote me” -McGill Responds to Endorsement

MONROVIA – Still basking in the euphoria of massive endorsements he continues to garner across Margibi County and strategizing how to present a robust representation upon his election, former Minister of State for Presidential Affairs, Mr. Nathaniel Farlo McGill has told the people of District #1, Margibi County, that the wide support he was getting from the people should not only be about his senatorial bid but should also be extended to  re-electing President George Manneh Weah because “McGill cannot be good without President Weah and for me to be an effective senator, you must have an effective a good president like George Weah”.

Mr. McGill’s Statement was in response to a petition and endorsement statement from the citizens of Shefflin Township, District #1, Margibi County giving full backing to his senatorial bid where a colorful program attended by thousands of citizens and residents to bolster his support base as the general elections approached.

Overwhelmed by the enthusiastic crowd who turned out and the messages of assurance from the various speakers, McGill challenged the people  to make sure that Margibi County becomes a “no go zone” for the opposition and should be the comfort zone for only two persons, naming President George Manneh Weah and himself.

“Margibi has got to be  a county of no go zone. Margibi belongs to only two people. So I want to appeal to you, on October 10, when they are counting the ballots, I want to hear only two names,      George Weah and Nathaniel McGill, George Weah, Nathaniel McGill, George Weah, Nathaniel McGill”

While further appreciating the people of Margibi for the honor done him and the massive support he continues to enjoy from them since he formally accepted to contest the senatorial race, he also told them the importance of getting registered as valid voters when the National Elections Commission kick starts the biometric voters registration exercise on March 20, 2023.

“You know 2023 is very important but the important thing has to do with March 20. All of your voter cards you have right now are invalid. On March 20, the National Elections Commission is going to begin new voter registration.

If you want to change Margibi, if you want to help this country, you have got to go and register. We have to deliver Margibi.

But your efforts today will go in vain if we do not do one important thing and that very important thing is going out to register and vote”, he said.

In a confident mood, McGill dismissed any serious threat to his aspiration from any of those who are also in the race, flaunting his public service credentials as a former Minister of State for Presidential Affairs and Chief of Office Staff to the President which according to him is by far above what his opponents have achieved.

“Let me tell you something. All the people who are running never sat in the Presidential seat before but I have sat near the President’s chair. I know what it means to be a president, so when I am telling you something, listen to me. All of the people who are running, I know all of them. They are my friends. Don’t mind them.

“So as you are leaving here today, don’t forget, March 20, the registration is only for 20 days. We are talking about people who have the capability of bringing development in the county”, he said,

He extolled the leadership quality of President Weah whom he said though not a perfect man but his preoccupation is for the good of the country and its people. The former National Chairman of the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change(CDC) said through the President, he has been involved in a lot of interventions in the county and urged the people not to give credence to some politicians whom he referred to as “naysayers”

“We have given the people more than 10,000 scholarships; we did it in collaboration with the President. I want to appeal to you, the Margibi citizens, not to listen to the naysayers.

Margibi is becoming one of the greatest counties in the republic because you are going to produce one of the biggest and powerful senators in the Republic of Liberia”, he said

Earlier, Mr. McGill had received a well written petition from the citizens who stated unequivocally the reasons for their resolve and readiness to go all out to make sure that he gets to the senate during the ensuing election.

The statement read by James Victor Cooper Paegar, Secretary General of the Schefflin Township Council enumerated several interventions undertaken by Mr. McGill that have meaningfully impacted on the people and community, among them the scholarship and financial assistance given to students, women empowerment, infrastructural developments including construction and renovation of roads and market structures, provision of solar lights, etc.

“We have been authorized by the taxpayers, citizens and people of the township of Schefflin, mainly District #1, realizing your continuous efforts in the building of this county, mainly scholarships, renovation of schools, making sure that solar panel lights are installed in communities, along the highway, such as Gbegbar’s town, Boys Town, Marshall City, etc, along with other ongoing projects,

“The people and citizens of District #1 are saying  that they need an “Esther” in the palace. Esther was placed in the palace for divine reasons, therefore our tax payers, and citizens and residents through our local government council officials endorse you Honorable Nathaniel Farlo McGill for Senator, Margibi County, come 2023.

“We need you in the palace, that is the Senate to forge and push issues affecting our people and our county at large.

“By this letter, we also clarify that the assessment made as to the people’s commitment level to you for Senator come 2023 in our community, township and district was real. The people of Margibi love you. Ladies and Gentlemen, your incoming Senator, Honorable Nathaniel Farlo McGill”, the statement said, amid thunderous cheers and jubilation from the people.

Several other speakers took their stand to pledge their support to the senatorial bid of McGill, among them a prominent politician Mr. Saah Gbollie, who is an aspirant for the representative position for District #1, Margibi County, who only did not support the cause but had also asked the people to vote him as well.

“Thank you for joining me to make my brother Senator. Nathaniel McGill, Senator 001 for Margibi County and Saah Gbollie, representative, District #1, you will never be the same. Thank you, I trust you, I believe you, I love you”, he said, turning to Mr. McGill’s wife, he thanked her for standing by him, stressing, “we love the Bassa people, until death do us party”

The Chairman of the local chapter of the CDC, Daddy Gibson did not only reinforce the resolve of the people of the people to support McGill all the way to victory but also took a swipe at some politicians who are opposed to the CDC strongman’s senatorial aspiration, and had termed as “ungrateful politicians”, stressing that never again will such people who benefited from the party but decided to repay it in bad faith, be offered any opportunity.

He named specifically, the representative of District #1, Tibelrosa Taponweh whom he said went to the party in 2017 literally begging for the opportunity to fly the party ticket and was massively supported and won the seat.

“Tibelrosa Tarponweh came to the party in 2017 and begged us to contest on the party’s ticket and we agreed. We campaigned for him and he won but today he is speaking bad about the party and the choice of the party. But I can tell him he has been sanctioned from the district and he will never contest on the ticket of the party again”, he said

Also speaking at the occasion, Apostle Patrick Shargbeh, Zonal Coordinator, District # 1, said the people of the district have taken a decisive stand come 2023 to massively vote McGill as the next senator of Margibi County as well as President Weah for his second term to ensure that the “many development initiatives he has embarked upon plus more will be completed for the benefit of the country and its people”.

He said from the antecedents of McGill, there is no doubt that he will perform at the senate once elected and will be a good ambassador of the county. He urged the citizens to be committed to the cause because “this is an opportunity we have been given and we should not toy with it”.

The endorsement ceremony forms part of the many others McGill has been receiving from across the county since his intent became public as the next phase of his political career since he resigned from the government sometime ago.

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