“Vote For People Base On Their Records” -Bomi Senatorial Hopeful Tells Electorates

MONROVIA – As the momentum towards the ensuing 2023 general election builds up and politicians are sending out their messages to the electorates in order to attract their votes, Mr. Kpalaykuwah Gibson a Senatorial hopeful in Bomi County and former President of the Bomi citizens in the Americas has urged electorates to vote for candidates with track records of service to the people

Mr. Gibson who made the assertion when he exclusively spoke to The Analyst said  records of individuals are important in any election, because they help the voters  to make the right choice in the interest of the country and themselves.

He noted that his leadership will rebrand every segment of Bomi County ranging from health, education, agriculture to empowerment amongst others which will impact on the overall development of the county.

To outline his involvement in the upliftment of the county, Gibson said prior to his ambition, his leadership at the international level in the America’s with Bomi citizens provided support to the county in every sector of the county. He promised to bring his leadership at the doorstep of every citizen in the county.

Commenting on his key priorities in his platform, he reiterated that his leadership Will provide formal and informal education to Bomi citizens. He said the informal education program has to do with vocational training for Bomi County citizens who have not obtained their secondary education.

He stated further that his leadership will ensure the decentralization of informal education (vocational training) in each district in order to address the challenges confronting the livelihood of the people in the county. 

The Bomi County Senatorial hopeful promised the continuation of his students exchange program for higher learning citizens during his leadership at the Legislature.

According to him, at the international level serving as President for Bomi citizens in the Americas, he introduced a student exchange program for Bomi citizens that led to lots of Bomi students being in the United States now studying.

He spoke on lots of issues confronting the forward march of the county, but wanted citizens to vote based on the aspirant’s records before them.

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