Vote-Buying Report Is “False and Misleading” -Speaker Chambers Reacts; Dedicates US$40K Halls

Having dedicated two modern town Halls in Kwidoken and Sedeken respectively in Maryland County at the cost of 20 thousand United States dollars each, House Speaker Bhofal rubbished Chambers reported votes-buying trending on the social media, describing the report as “false and misleading”

The information on social media that he is dishing out money in the county to buy votes, he said is unfounded, and clarified that the money in question is meant for market loan to empower women in Maryland County and not for votes buying.

The office of the Speaker, in a press release issued yesterday noted that it noticed that some elements that might be opposed to the honorable man might be posting these calculated lies and unfounded information to win favor at his expense on social media by saying that Speaker Chambers was dishing out money to win votes.

But the release added the Speaker’s office has learned with utmost dismay, the photographs on social media depicting that House Speaker, Dr. Bhofal Chambers has been dishing out money for votes in Maryland County.

Accordingly, the Communication Department of the Speaker’s office reiterated categorically that the money as seen in the photograph was meant for empowerment loan schemes for women in the county.

The release quoted Speaker Chambers as phoning on “TODAY IN THE HOUSE”,  a radio show run by the House Press Officer on ELBC Radio, where  the Speaker described the information as ‘false and misleading.’

Dr. Chambers further clarified on the show that the amount of three hundred thousand Liberian dollars L$300,000 as captured in the social media photo was specifically given under his loan scheme in order to empower market women in Hospital Camp to grow their businesses.

The House Speaker stressed that he will continue to positively impact his citizens, adding that he is willing to meet the needs of his people at all times contrary to the social media falsification.

“A village saving loan program typically involves a group of individuals coming together to pool their savings and lend money to each other at a low-interest rate;” something Speaker Chambers believes is a program that can be an effective way to provide access to credit for his people who may not have access to traditional banking services.

He said contrary to the vote-buying allegation on social media, Maryland County is among eight others participating in the biometric voter’s registration process. The National Elections Commission, he noted, is expected to complete the BVR process as of May 11, 2023 in the county.

The social media conversation is in serious contradiction to the guidelines of the National Elections Commission relative to campaign activities, reaction by the speaker’s office continued, saying, “Let it be stated that the Speaker is among several other lawmakers neither involved with voters’ registration and neither pre-campaigning nor vote-buying.

The Speaker is knowledgeable of the NEC guidelines and will never undermine such, according to a release issued, which also stated that the House Press Bureau calls on the public to utilize social media to the benefit of the country and its people as opposed to spreading falsehood.

Meanwhile, Speaker Chambers has also dedicated two modern town Halls in Kwidoken and Sedeken respectively in Maryland County at the cost of 20 thousand United States dollars each.

It’s the first time that the two towns benefit from a modern concrete structure comprising flush latrines, separate offices in order to conduct meetings among other gatherings.

The Speaker has also been reaching out to several towns and villages in Pleebo creating awareness on the BVR process.

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