Voinjama Receives Dr. Cassell Triumphantly -As PLP Leader Makes Positive Effect on Lofa

The echoes of the visit was all discussed everywhere a day to his arrival and a massive mobilization was visible at nearly every school and community. Then later seen was an advanced team with Liberia’s ace musical artist Sundayegar Dearboy along with a public address vehicle going up and down the major streets in the evening before the triumphant entry of the People Liberation Party’s (PLP) political leader, Dr. Daniel E. Cassell, who is also the founder of the Dr. Cassel Foundation of Liberia. Finally the die was cast, and throngs of students from diverse schools, community dwellers and an array of motorcyclists in their dozens converged at the immigration checkpoints early Friday Morning, April 16, 2021 to receive the PLP Political leader, whose arrival in Voinjama, Lofa County was a reminiscent of the entry of Jesus into Jerusalem. But what does the visit owe the people of the county? Observers could not mince their words when they said, “Dr. Cassell’s visit to Lofa Makes Positive Effect on an array of sectors of development in the county;” The Analyst reports.

Upon the memorable reception given that son of Lofa, Dr. Cassell marched with the procession of partisans, supporters and well-wishers along the major streets of Voinjama and was marched to the Kormah Shepherdhood Mission School System (KSMSS) on the Kolahun-Voinjama highway where he had gone to induct a student council government of the school, according to our man who witnessed his arrival into the city.

At the program marking the induction of the student council government of the KSMSS in the Logan town Hill Community in Voinjama city, Lofa County, Dr. Cassell presented 288 copy books and promised to sponsor the college education of the top five performing students.

Thereafter, a program marking the launch of Dr. Daniel E. Cassell scholarship fund drive took place on the campus of the Lofa County Community College (LCCC) at the Sumo Kupee community, where five disciplines including agriculture, nursing, business, engineering and applied science and education are being taught.

During the scholarship fund drive, Dr. Cassell pledged $350,000 Liberian dollars for deserving students across the seven districts, saying that the best performing students will be the beneficiaries of the scholarship.  He also presented 288 copybooks to the Lofa county community college.

Still in Voinjama at the Kissi Quarter Junction, he interacted with motorcyclists. The Chief Rider Joe Lahai on behalf of the motorcyclists expressed profound gratitude to Dr. Cassell for providing for them a parking lot, and added that Dr. Cassell is indeed a leader who has come to liberate the Liberian people.

The PLP founder and political leader also visited the Voinjama Central Mosque in the Mandingo Quarter on that Friday where leaders of the mosque received donations in food items from the Dr. Daniel E. Cassell Foundation.

During the visit, Dr. Cassell asked Muslims who were celebrating their fast month to remember Liberia in their prayers because the socio-economic conditions of the Liberian people continues to worsen day by day.

Responding to the gesture, Imam Alhaji Vamunyan Sheriff thanked the Dr. Cassell’s foundation for the donations, and for making a huge difference during the month of fasting as evidenced by his visit.

As part of his engagement in Voinjama, the Progressive Women and Children of Liberia, an advocacy group, welcome Dr. Daniel E. Cassell and other executives of the People’s Liberation Party to Voinjama city.

On April 17, 2021, the women advocacy group had a round table discussion with Dr. Cassell, bringing to his attention their willingness to support and work along with PLP. The president of the advocacy group, Lydia M. Barnes thanked the political leader of PLP for having the women national assembly of the party that gives women the space for political participation and decision making.

Many challenges were highlighted during the round table discussion which centered on women empowerment. Concerning their grievances, Dr. Cassell assured members of the progressive women and children of Voinjama of his support towards their empowerment.

At the same time, soap making, tie dying, micro loan and vocational school were identified as key areas of intervention. Dr. Cassell sought the view of the women to begin with micro loans to be followed by other key intervention areas. The women happily agreed to the micro loans which they said will help them to respond to the needs of their respective families.

Meanwhile, the women were encouraged to sustain the micro loan so that other women can be empowered as well.

The meeting was attended by Kormassa Bowllie who is the traditional council chairlady of Lofa, along with Dedeh Kotee – head of the progressive women and children, Lofa chapter, Pandora Zaizay -chairlady of PLP Lofa county, Rosetta Mensah – head of PLP disable community, Christiana Ify Christopher – national chairlady of the women assembly of PLP, and Kolou Moryalah et al.

Some Lofans were highly appreciative of the gestures to people of different affiliations, saying, “Dr. Cassell is not waiting to become president first before he begins to make impact in the lives of our people. His vision for a better Liberia is realizable, possible and clear.”

The PLP leader and founder of the Dr. Daniel E. Cassell Foundation also visited Foya Statutory District of the population size of 72,000.  During the Visit, he made a stop at the Tamba Lamie Taylor Council Hall in the Statutory District of Foya, where City Mayor Cecelia T. Hallie received medical drugs donated by Dr. Cassell on behalf of 11 clinics and one referral hospital – the Borma Hospital, a faith based referral hospital, supported by a German NGO in the area.

The 2008 National Census reported that the statutory District of Foya has a population of over 72,000 people. Currently available to the 72, 000 is one medical doctor with no running water in the clinics, one ambulance which is down, no administrative vehicle and no electricity.  It is also said that there is only one ward, OB ward or the maternity ward that has current been run through the support of the German NGO which was not identified.

The people of Foya have hinted that all of these challenges are either being neglected or arguably deemed irrelevant by sons and daughters of Foya statutory district who are well placed, serving or served in the past governments.

The people also complained that the CDC-led government is having an ongoing retirement without replacement, a process they maintained continues to impede the living conditions of the good people of the Foya Statutory District, adding “The good people of Foya Statutory District deserves better”.

Considering all of these challenges, the PLP political leader, Dr. Daniel E. Cassell was commended for his intervention, especially in resolving some of challenges in the health sector in particular which were highlighted by stakeholders and executives of the sector.

Dr. Cassell, whose supporters said will make a huge difference as president, assured the stakeholders of his support once it gears towards the betterment of the people of Foya statutory district.

Another engagement of Dr. Cassell was to make a contribution towards the completion of a self-initiative bridge situated between Wozaywoelay Jallamei Town and Bazagizia Town in Lofa County.  Residents of the area said sons and daughters of this self-supported project have failed to heed calls by the dwellers of the towns for contributions towards the project. They said many well placed Lofans including the ones in previous government and now, have not responded to the many requests of help, so as to complete the bridge project.

Having listened to their plights, the passionate philanthropist, Dr. Cassell, has once again intervened when he told the engineer to list everything he needs to complete the bridge project before he, Dr. Cassell, gets back to Monrovia. He assured the people of the towns to consider the completion of the bridge done. Dr. Cassell simply said he wants to see the lives of the Liberian people improved through a system that works for all, adding that this comes through the fair distribution of the country’s national wealth and the political will power.

The residents of both towns expressed profound gratitude to Dr. Cassell for his kind gesture. They noted that the PLP leader is a solution focused leader who has once again demonstrated to be a result oriented person.

According to the residents the bridge will definitely connect the towns and facilitate movement of people and their farm produce, thanking Dr. Daniel E. Cassell for his intervention.

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