Violence is Unhealthy For Peace, Development -Pres. Weah Calls for Investigation in District 15 Saga

The attention of the Executive Mansion is drawn to the appalling electoral violence which occurred on Saturday, August 17, in district 15 between supporters of the Coalition for Democratic Change and the four collaborating opposition parties.

According to Executive Mansion press release issued today, Justice Minister Frank Musa Dean and the Liberia National Police have been mandated to carry out a thorough and expeditious investigation and bring the perpetrators to justice, irrespective of who is involved.

The maintenance of the peace is a high priority on the government’s agenda, and it will spare no effort in ensuring the protection of lives and properties.

Electoral violence in all its forms will not be tolerated, and individuals who disrupt the peace will face the full weight of the law. President George M. Weah has mandated the Liberian national police and other security agencies to be proactive and bring to book anyone engage in violence.

The government remains committed to ensuring that all Liberians exercise their democratic rights. Notwithstanding, political parties should ensure that their supporters remain peaceful at all times. Political leaders will be held accountable for disruptive behavior, regardless of their political alignment.

Meanwhile, the President urges candidates and political leaders to restart the process of engagement under the auspices of the National Elections Commission Inter-Party Consultative Dialogue, while at the same time warning against the use of vitriolic rhetoric that could lead to violence.

The Liberian Leader, Dr. George Manneh Weah calls on residents of district 15 to refrain from violence. He said it is the responsibility of every Liberian to maintain the peace the country enjoys.

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