USA Salutes Liberia On 174th Independence Day -Biden: “Working Together, We Can Combat World Challenges”

Various historians on US-Liberia relations documented diverse circumstances and motivations that culminated into the founding of the first black republic on these shores of Africa. Whatever the rightful perspective, one thing is clear since: the umbilical cord between the two countries remains un-severed and firm for 174 years, and the United States continues to project itself as both the former quasi colonizer and the biggest benefactor ever. Even the current administration cherishes the relationship and would not keep mute as Liberia celebrates its independence. The Analyst reports.

The United States Ambassador near Monrovia, Mr. Michael A. McCarthy, has tendered good tidings and pleasantries to President George Manneh Weah, the Government and people of Liberia as the country celebrates its 174th Independence Anniversary Monday, July 26, 2021.

In a message, Ambassador McCarthy said: “It is my absolute pleasure to congratulate all Liberians on your 174th Independence Day! The United States and Liberia have much in common, including celebrating the independence of our longstanding, vibrant democracies just weeks apart.”

He also unveiled a special, separate message from the President of the United States, Joe Biden who expressed his own congratulations to the Liberian people.

The US diplomat quoted his President as saying that “The United States-Liberia relationship is unique and one of our oldest, and the American and Liberian people share many of the same values, including upholding democracy, respect for human rights, and pursuit of economic prosperity. Working together, we can combat global challenges, such as fighting COVID-19 and climate change, as well as advance our mutual interests, like strengthening democratic institutions and expanding bilateral trade.”

President Biden further said: “As the United States knows so well, upholding these shared values takes constant effort and a renewed commitment to ensure equal opportunity for all. We are not perfect – we must continually ask ourselves difficult questions. As a government: Are we putting the needs and ambitions of our citizens first? Are we doing so with an eye towards equality and inclusion, and an ear towards the most underserved communities? How can we drive a dynamic economy while also making sure that everyone gets a fair chance to benefit from the prosperity? Are we doing enough to ensure the next generation is better off than this one?”

“As we have since the time of Abraham Lincoln, the United States works side-by-side with Liberians as we all strive to address these questions,” President Biden said further, recounting that whether it is the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the National Institutes of Health, or USAID partnering with the Ministry of Health and private clinics to stem this current wave of COVID-19, or the Millennium Challenge Corporation leading the reconstruction of the Mt. Coffee Hydropower plant; or the Department of Defense working alongside the Armed Forces of Liberia to be partners for good; or the Mandela Washington Fellows connecting virtually with U.S. universities this summer to learn skills to benefit their communities here; or the dozens of other connections that Americans and Liberians make every day, our actions consistently demonstrate that we deeply value our relationship with Liberia and the Liberian people.”

He noted that “history shows that together, our two countries have inspired each other to achieve more equal, just, and prosperous societies.”

The US President reflected: “The first African American citizen to address the U.S. Congress, Henry Highland Garnet, eventually became our Consul General to Liberia, and his remains are buried in Monrovia. The first Black head of state to be an overnight guest at the White House or address the U.S. Congress was President Edwin Barclay of Liberia. The first Black Ambassador in U.S. history, Edward Dudley, was our Ambassador to Liberia.”

To echo the words of Secretary of State Blinken: “The United States proudly stands with our Liberian partners as you celebrate Independence Day. We remain committed to our partnership with Liberia as it strives to strengthen democratic principles and enhance economic growth and investment.”

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