US Remains Highest Donor -Amb. McCarty Tells Speaker Chambers

The United States of America remains the highest donor to Liberia, the US envoy, Ambassador Michael A. McCarty told House Speaker Dr. Bhofal Chambers during a closed-door meeting last week between the two personalities in Monrovia at the US Embassy near Monrovia.

Ambassador McCarty expressed gratitude to Speaker Chambers for the meeting with him along with his accompanying staff members to the Embassy, including Mr. George Watkins, Head of Political Affairs and Communications in the Office of the Speaker, according to a press release issued from the office of the Speaker.

The release said pertinent issues were discussed during the meeting, including the  United States Government’s commitment to support and stand with Liberia in its drive to make the Country a better place for all Liberians and foreign residents.

Speaker Chambers also said Ambassador McCarty noted that the United States remains the highest donor to Liberia, supporting many sectors including, rule of law, justice, elections, security, human rights, education, and health, amongst others.

It was further disclosed during the meeting that the United States government spends several millions of dollars every year directly and indirectly assisting the country to mitigate several of its challenges in a wide range of areas by promoting and supporting democracy, the rule of law, human capacity development, health, etc.

The Ambassador has however praised Liberia and Liberians for the maintenance of peace, and the good business climate in the country, pointing out that Liberia keeps such a record so as to attract more foreign direct investment.

So far, the United States remains the largest supporter of Liberia’s democracy. The US works with a variety of stakeholders in the country, including civil society groupings, the independent media, and political parties, amongst many others.

The office of the Speaker says it has done research which has established that since the end of Liberia’s conflict in 2003, the United States government has provided more than $2.4 billion in supporting Liberia’s post-war stabilization and development.

In Addition to almost $600 million in emergency assistance for Liberia’s Ebola response the United States spent in the country, aid channeled through other U.S. agencies and United States’ funding to the U.N. peacekeeping mission, the US has also spent a total of $96.5 million in FY2019.

Other supports were centered on assistance towards developing agriculture in the country, and strengthening the health system, public service delivery, civil society capacity, and justice and security sectors.

Recently, Liberia completed its $256.7 million Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) Compact, which sought to enhance Liberia’s power sector and road infrastructure.

The Speaker’s office quoted the Information Ministry as saying that the Country has made some gains despite the main challenges. Liberia has made significant progress, in governance, security, and national unity.

The Ministry said significant progress has also been made in building Liberia’s institutions and public capacity, but the challenges are enormous. Strengthening institutions, including the civil service and court system, is a developmental priority of the government, the release concluded.

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