US Missionary Jailed -For Attempt to Kill Liberian Girlfriend

By Melvin Jackson 

MONROVIA: An American Missionary, Mr. Lucas K. Richards spent his first night at Monrovia Central Prison for an attempted to kill his Liberian girlfriend, Jessica Lloyd. The US Missionary was remanded into the custody of the prison by the Bushrod Island Magisterial Court Judge, Magistrate John L. Giggs.

Lucas whose case is expected to be heard soon was arrested and jailed on charges of alleged commission of the crimes of, “Criminal Attempt to Commit Murder and

Aggravated Assault.”

“You are hereby commanded to ARREST the living body of Lucas K. Richards to be

identified, defendant, and forthwith bring him before the Bushrod Island Magisterial Court, St. Paul Bridge, Bushrod Island, Montserrado County, Republic of Liberia for the alleged commission of the crimes of, Criminal Attempt to Commit Murder and Aggravated Assault based upon the Oath and complaint of the Republic of Liberia by and thru Jessica Lloyd,” a writ of arrest that brought him under the jurisdiction of the court said.

The Court’s arrest warrant recorded that during the period of September 14, 2023, in the area of Palm Farm Community, Dixville, Caldwell, defendant Lucas Watson being there and then with the intent to cause the death of the private proseccutrix Jessica Lloyd purposely, knowingly and intentionally inflicted wounds on the body of Jessica by hitting her on the head with a heavy or blunt object (knife).”

The arrest warrant further said the object used by the defendant caused her to go unconscious, after which he reportedly seized the opportunity during which he further used a sharp object with which he (defendant) lacerated the throat of the Jessica, the Liberian girlfriend he wanted to kill, resulting the private prosecutrix to bleed profusely.

In the arrest warrant, the court described the alleged act by the defendant as being wicked, illegal, violent, and intentional, and is in violation of sections 14.20 and 10.1 of the New Penal Law of Liberia.

In the meantime, police investigation has established that while victim Jessica Lloyd and her brother Jesse Lloyd were attending the Y.W.A.N. Bible Mission, located alongside the Roberts Field Highway, defendant Lucas Richard whose romantic affairs at the mission school violated the school’s principles and the educational laws of Liberia, was teaching at the institution.

The police investigative findings revealed that Lucas started love relationship with victim Jessica Lloyd to extend they were married traditionally at the residence of the Lloyd family situated within the vicinity of Patience Shop in the  Dwahn Town Community, Barnesville.

According to the investigation, the Liberia National Police investigative findings further revealed that during the relationship between defendant Lucas Richards and girlfriend Jessica Lloyd, the victim was impregnated but the pregnancy got aborted when defendant Lucas Richard administered an injection and some to Ms. Lloyds, adding that, as lover to victim Jessica Lloyd, defendant Lucas Richard had on many occasions visited the Lloyd family’s residence where the victim resides.

The police investigative findings also revealed that the victim’s I-Phone was missing in Kakata, Margibi County amongst many phones that were placed on charged during a Bible outreached noting that the missing phone is suspected of containing some information and photos about Lucas Richard and Jessica, which some of the missionaries running the Y.W.A. N. Mission allegedly got privilege to knowing.

The police findings further  provides that as the result of information and photos concerning the defendant and the victim, an alleged ongoing probe is being held for which victim Jessica Lloyd was denied graduation ceremony she was supposed to be part of.

The police finding confirmed by Lucas mother in-law, Madam Cynthia Lloyd, mother of victim Jessica Lloyd, adding her daughter was denied graduation by the Mission because of an ongoing probe relative to the Lucas-Jessica love relationship.

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