US Embassy Expresses Confidence in NEC Capacity -Says Electoral Body Up to Its Mandatory Task

MONROVIA: On the eve of the country’s crucial presidential election where 2.4 million registered voters go to the polls to select Liberia’s president for the next six years, the U.S. Embassy says it is confident in Liberia’s National Elections Commission (NEC) capacity to administer a free and fair election.

According to a Monday, November 13, 2023 press statement from the U.S. Embassy in Liberia, during the first round of voting, NEC workers demonstrated extraordinary dedication, carrying voting materials across flooded rivers, and counting ballots late into the night.

“The NEC has been preparing for this election for years with the technical support of many stakeholders, including the United States Agency for International Development.

“Thousands of independent election observers – both international and domestic – will also participate in the democratic process. From the opening of polling stations on November 14 until the last vote is tallied, election observers will play a key role in ensuring a free and fair election. The United States Embassy is also confident that election observers will carry out their important responsibilities in an independent and unbiased manner, as they did during last month’s first round election.

“We again applaud Liberians for their enthusiastic turn-out for the October 10 election and encourage all Liberians to vote tomorrow in the presidential runoff. The future of the country is in your hands. YOU, the Liberian people, have the two most powerful tools in this electoral process: your voice and your vote. Make them count,” the U.S. Embassy statement indicated.

The Government of the United States of America continues to contribute significantly to the restoration, maintenance and enhancement of democracy in Africa’s oldest republic that is recovering from the throes of 14 years of internecine civil conflict that rocked the core of Liberia’s foundation.

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