US Based Liberian Eyes D#8 Seat -Says “I Want to Serve My people”

MONROVIA – As aspirants continue to declare their intentions to contest various elective positions in the 2023 general elections, a US based Liberian, Alvin T. Pennue, has announced his ambition to contest the District #8 representative position with a vow to adequately address the many challenges facing the people and district over the years.

Speaking exclusively to The Analyst newspaper from the United States recently, Pennue said it was good enough to set the records straight that he was not just what he called a “political intruder” in the district but has been a resident of the District #8 from his childhood days, grew up in the community, attended schools there and even currently operate a business in the District.

“I know the district very well, I was literally born there, grew up there, attended elementary, junior high and high school in the district from the 80s to 2002.

I went to Gray D. Alison in the early 80s, attended SDA high school on campus Johnson road from 1995 -2002, I also attended Wells-hairston high school in Central Monrovia.

I operated a business enterprise, Pendee Inc in the district but had to move it out because I’m using the location as my office space for political purposes”, he said.

When asked what motivated him to aspire for the position, the Liberian trained Criminal Justice Professional and product of the Executive Education Program from the Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University in Critical Thinking said his aspiration is to define positive change that will impact the people, targeting capacity building and economic empowerment which he is even currently implementing in the district. He also identified sanitation issues, economic deprivation and the lack of civic education to understand their stake in the governance system among the residents are critical areas that continue to keep the district backward and vowed to provide the lasting solutions to them once he is elected.

 Giving the background of his work history in the US, the young Liberian said that he has spent good number of years in the security arena based his academic and professional training, serving as a patrol officer for ADM enforcement, Deputy Chief for Crime Prevention task force as well as with the Marshall investigation as a special officer and for his political leaning, he serves as a strategist for the Republican National Convention.

He said he has also been deeply involved with the Liberian Community in the United States, where he once served as President of the Liberian Association of Indiana and a former member of the Executive Council of the Union of Liberian Associations in the Americas (ULAA).

Responding to a question why he has decided to go into politics in order to serve his people and not in any other area like business so as to create jobs for the people, the aspirant who said his desire is not rooted in personal gains, told our reporter that he is currently involved in empowering the people but the sad mistakes Liberians continue to make and will always haunt them is people with good intention to bring real change don’t get the opportunities to serve but those who have absolutely nothing to contribute are patronized to power.

“I like the question and I tell you that it is the tragedy in the country. You hardly find people of good intention going into politics and when they try to do so, they are not considered and supported but the system wants those who have zero input to get into government. With this mindset, we cannot forge ahead with development and progress.

“I am not saying I have all the solutions to the problems our people are facing but I live and am working in a system that is progressive because those who go into government to drive policies are knowledgeable and competent people. I want to bring to bear my education, experience, knowledge and exposure to governance to the Liberian governance system through the mandate from my people in District #8. I can assure you that we can make a difference that will change the narratives of our people”, Pennue said confidently.

He said he decided not to contest on the platform of any political party but will be an independent candidate so as to freely navigate with his agenda according to what the people need and not an imposition of a political party that only wants to win elections but not to govern.

“It is my goal to finally move to Liberia and pay full attention to the people’s business.

I am in full preparedness to give the district a facelift developmentally and conscientize the people of the need to make sound judgment that will define their interest by providing opportunities that will protect their future, lives, health and provide economic empowerment and alleviate their sufferings”, Mr. Pennue concluded.

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