US-Based Group Rallies Support for BWI Students -Donates Sporting Materials to the Institute

By: Stephen G. Fellajuah

1977 graduates of the Electronic Department of the Booker Washington Institute, (BWI) in Kakata, Margibi County says he is part of a group of alumni of the institution rallying support for students attending the BWI, while donating several sporting items with other assurances more gestures to the school.

Addressing scores of students at the school recently where disclosed that a new group is looking into several means they can support students back home, Mr. Topee Jackson who expressed happiness to be back in the country after forty years of living outside, identified the group making the donation through him as BOWII, a group of Liberian living in the United States of America.

Mr. Jackson also presented sets of jerseys, football, and kickball well as volleyballs to students, and said BOWII will also look into providing scholarships and other assistance that their group would give to students and other youths who desired attending the institution to enhance their studies at the school.

“Few of us in the US graduated from here and have decided to put together to do something for the sport teams. He indicated that some of the donors played basketball while others played soccer and kickball”, he further disclose, adding that BOWII is part of the school’s alumni association.

He stated that the beginning of everything looks small, and assured that BOWII will recruit more members to solicit cash or kind, or both that will impart more youths at their Alma mater.

Mr.  Jackson admonished the recipients to take their lesson first and use sports to hold them together, as BOWII were, which has extended over sea even stronger.

“We will take the message back to the United States to recruit more guys and tell the donor we need to do better things. I hope you appreciate our gesture, though not much; I will tell the guys, hey we need to do more to help our root,” he said, indicating that a “Tiger is Always a Tiger.”

Receiving the gifts of sporting materials, the students in separate remarks thanked Mr. Jackson for the jerseys and balls, and expressed gratitude to the BOWII family for the support, saying “Thank you for remembering us. We prayed that you continue to think about us.”

Also remarking, the Director of Sports at the Booker Washington Institute, Mr. James O. Zaza said, “The Sports Department is very happy today.”  Squealed with delight, Mr. Zaza further said it has been his wish that the institution receive from over sea materials such as the ones donated by BOWII, saying, seeing the materials we know they are from abroad.

He extended his sincere gratitude to the BOWII group for putting together their resources to help the students amidst challenges they are faced with at BWI, adding that the students need to take the mantle of authority and well, saying to Mr. Jackson, “It is hope that the blessings of the Tiger follow you to your family.”

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