‘US Ambassador Statement a Warning to Weah Govt.’ – Says Rev. Dave Kermue; Wants Govt Take Statement in Good Faith

The acting Executive Committee of the Democratic People’s Party of Liberia (DPPL) has sent out a strong caveat to the George Weah-led government, stating in clear and certain terms that President Weah and his government should take cue from US Ambassador Michael A. McCarthy’s JJ Roberts Birthday statement to mend their errant ways that are leading the country down the path of unchecked corruption, violations of the rule of law and the abuse of human rights.

Making the statement on behalf of the Democratic People’s Party of Liberia recently, Reverend Dave Kermue welcomed Ambassador McCarthy’s statement for being realistic, honest, fair, and cautioned that the George M. Weah-led government needs to pay attention to what should be important for the welfare of the citizens.

“It is a very transparent assessment of how poorly this government is doing when it comes to the fight against corruption and violations of the rule of law and the abuse of human rights. Realistically, I do not think that former President JJ Roberts would commend this government of President George M. Weah for leading a country where clinics and hospitals in Kolahun in Lofa County, and Sanniquellie in Nimba County must make do without even the most basic drugs. The revelation by the US Ambassador that some citizens divert public medical resources and low cost drugs for personal gains, something which result to deaths of babies, young children and birthing mothers is not only troubling, but is extremely embarrassing, a disgrace, shameful, and is a demonstration that we in Liberia are losing the fight against corruption. It is an indication that this government is doing very little to uproot corruption in public agencies,” Rev. Kermue stated emphatically.

Referencing Ambassador McCarthy’s statement entitled:“What Would JJ Roberts Have To Say About Liberia Today” the DPPL leader said, the state of cleanliness in the city of Monrovia, which in the Ambassador’s assessment, is more developed and a far wealthier community compared to villages in West Africa, is a serious caution to the George Weah-led government, which has again scored a zero percent grade point in the government’s handling of waste which not only in Monrovia but in Liberia’s major cities like the Unification Town in Lower Margibi County, Kakata in Upper Margibi County, Gbarnga, Ganta and Buchanan, just to name a few of the dirty cities.

“I am very certain that President JJ Roberts would never have thought of leading a wealthy but dirty city like Monrovia. He never would have commended this government for leading a dirty, filthy and a corrupt country. The frustration expressed by a senior government official on Monrovia Day and echoed by the Ambassador that no donor or external partner is funding the current cost of solid waste management collection and disposal implying that he was abandoned by the international community is a clear that some members of this government have very little or no understanding of the workings of the international community. The international community should never be taken to be a waste management officer for local governments which they come to help,” Rev. Kermue emphasized.

Corrupt, Non-transparent Legislature

Even more disappointing, Reverent Kermue intoned, was the revelation by the US Ambassador that the top Legislative body has not demonstrated or has no intention of demonstrating transparency in the way it makes decisions.

“Why would our representatives not use electronic voting equipment donated to them to make their work easier and transparent. I would like to thank Rhode Island Representative Nathan W. Beah Sr., and the National Democratic Institute (NDI) for those precious equipment. Holding our lawmakers accountable is a fundamental element to show that democracy is healthy and strong in Liberia.

“I call on the government of President Weah to take the statement by US Ambassador in good faith and see it as a caution to those within his government who like to undermine the rule of law and the trust of the Liberian people and those who are corrupt and would always like to violate the rights of other human beings, that their days are numbered.  Those who are involved in acts that threaten the peace and security of this nation are known by the international community and by the people of Liberia. They are being followed by the international community, just as they are being followed by the people of Liberia. And that someday, maybe very soon, they will be made to pay for their actions. The Ambassador’s statement is a call to this George Weah-led government  and all of us Liberian citizens to redouble our efforts to fight corruption; to redouble our efforts to advance the cause of human rights; to redouble our efforts to take responsibility to clean our cities; to redouble our efforts to advance the rule of law; to redouble our efforts to move from acts that threaten the peace and security of Liberia.

“Ambassador McCarthy’s statement is a call and a warning to President Weah and his government that it is now time to implement critical economic reforms necessary to accelerate sustainable growth and human capital development. A hint to the wise. He who has an ear, let him hear,” the DPPL leader warned.

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