“Urey Conspiring to Damage CPP” -Bility Says Urey Gave Govt CPP Chat Messages, as UP Silent…But

As the ongoing legal battle intensifies between constituent members of the opposition Collaborating Political Parties (CPP), with state prosecutors representing party litigant ALP Political Leader Benoni Wilfred Urey requesting that ANC Political Leader and Standard Bearer Alexander Benedict Cummings produces in court five copies of the CPP Framework Document that was allegedly altered by Mr. Cummings, Liberty Party Chairman Musa Hassan Bility has come out to accuse Mr. Urey of knowingly damaging the CPP by turning over the entire chat history of the CPP to the Government of Liberia as evidence to prosecute Mr. Cummings.

In a highly bellicose tone, Mr. Bility took to social media Thursday to reveal what he termed as a conspiracy perpetuated by Mr. Urey to damage the CPP.

“Mr. Urey and his ALP have turned over the entire chat history of the highest decision making body of the CPP, the NAC, to the GoL as evidence to prosecute Mr. Cummings, thereby revealing, in details, every discussion and strategy the CPP had since its formation,” Mr. Bility said.

“The damage done by this act is irreparable. The betrayal is inconceivable. And the deafening silence of the UP continues to show a well-planned conspiracy to eliminate a man who dared to challenge the system. But we will defeat the joint forces and soldier on to our destiny,” the Liberty Party Chairman disclosed.

Bility’s accusation comes in the wake of a Wednesday January 12, 2022 order from the presiding magistrate of the Monrovia City at the Temple of justice in Monrovia, Magistrate Jomah Jallah, for prosecution lawyers to present to the court all documents and pieces of evidence for the prosecution of the crimes of forgery and criminal conspiracy allegation brought against Mr. Alexander B. Cummings.

“This court says, prosecution is hereby mandated by this honorable court to submit to the clerk of this court every and all pieces of evidence it relies on for the prosecution of the case for onward transmission to the defense within the statute time required by law and is hereby so ordered,” Magistrate Jallah stated.

The court decision was based upon request from defense lawyer representing the ANC political leader Alexander B. Cummings and others who requested that prosecution lawyers present to the court all pieces of evidence they have in connection with said charges and allegation against the ANC political leaders and stalwarts.

The defense lawyer requested the Judge to order the prosecution lawyers to produce and present document to the court based on the initial CPP framework document agreement that was signed by the parties via zoom May 19, 2020 and also present the revised version of the CPP framework agreement that was reviewed by the team of lawyers and submitted through the political leader of the CPP by and through the CPP National Council.

The defense continued by saying that the prosecution lawyers should present images, emails and Whatapps exchanges between the ALP Political Leader Benoni Urey and the CPP internal leadership structure, present all social media exchanges from the National Advisory Council of the CPP chat room, and provide copy of the CPP framework agreement submitted and acknowledged by the National Election Commission of Liberia.

The defendant also prayed the magistrate to order the prosecution lawyers to present the resolution executed by ALP in respect of the ALP legalization to enter into, execute, and sign the CCP framework agreement, adding that all meeting minutes of the National Advisory Council of the CPP during the period of ALP leadership, and that of Senator Nyonblee Kangar-Lawrence leadership, as well as copy of the CPP internal investigation report with respect to the ALP allegation that the CPP framework document was altered.

The defendants concluded saying, “all other pieces of evidence the prosecution released upon and intend to produce in this proceeding including comprehensive list of the names and address of witness and not limited to suborned witness; this request is consistent with chapter 17.4 of the criminal procedure law of Liberia and the constitution of the republic of Liberia article 21 as it relates to the fundamental right of the defendants to due process and the right to notice.’’

Following the application made by the defense lawyers, the prosecution lawyers prayed  Judge Jallah to grant them time in accordance with chapter 17.4 sub-paragraph 1 title 2 Liberia Code of Law which provides for discovery of witness names, to make modification.

The prosecution lawyers argued that the statute provides that five days after the commencement of trial or prior, and in respect of that prosecution submit, they will provide the names of witness and duly provide what is available for prosecution so as to proceed with the case.

COP Chairman Costa Reacts

Political commentator Henry Pedro Costa, who is a staunch stalwart of Benoni Urey’s ALP, has not taken lightly comments made by the LP Chairman to the effect that Mr. Urey gave CPP chat room messages to the government in order to damage Liberia’s biggest opposition bloc.

Responding, Costa called the LP Chairman a “terrible liar”.

“Musa Hassan Bility, you’re a terrible liar. It was Alex Cummings’s lawyers who requested the ALP to furnish them with the entire WhatsApp chat history of the National Advisory Council of the defunct CPP, and not the ALP voluntarily releasing same to the state prosecutors as you so shamelessly stated in your post earlier today,” Mr. Costa fumed in a social media post Thursday.

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