UPP Begins Recruitment -For Mid-term Senatorial Election

The United People’s Party (UPP) has today announced that it has alerted its ground organization to begin the process of identifying and recruiting aspirants for the midterm Senatorial elections, scheduled for December 8, 2020.

In a General Circular issued to Party officials throughout the country, the Executive Committee informed local officials that the process of identifying partisans wishing to run in the 2020 senatorial elections must begin at the district level and culminate in the convening of the County Council to set the time and date for the selection process.

The UPP release went on to say that aspirants are required to fill in the DCPO form–Declaration to Contest Public Office – and submit it to the District Director, and obtain a receipt.

The UPP release further admonished its local leaders that the party does not seek the attainment of state power as an end in itself, but rather strives to influence public policy in a manner that promotes the Rule of Law, ensure the practice of democracy, and contribute to the advancement of an open and free society.

The United People’s Party release concluded that the party, having succeeded in establishing a multiparty democratic society in Liberia, has now set its sights on the creation of economic empowerment opportunities for Liberians.

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