Upholding Peace Is Everybody Business -Pres. Weah Says, Stirring Patriotism in Speech At 176th Flag Day Program

MONROVIA: President George Manneh Weah has reiterated his pledge to ensure a peaceful, free, fair and credible electoral process before and during the October 10 polls. He was also quick to add that each of Liberian has a responsibility to ensure the maintenance of peace in the country.

In a statement delivered Thursday, August 24, 2023, at ceremonies marking the celebration of the 176th Anniversary of Flag Day, the Liberian leader noted:  “We have made remarkable progress since the end of the devastating war that led to the destruction of so many lives and properties. The eyes of the world will therefore be on us, Liberians, during these October 10th Legislative and Presidential Elections.

“In a little over a month from now, we will go to the polls to cast our votes in Legislative and Presidential elections,” President Weah said. “This will be a crucial exercise that will test our institutions.”

He called on Liberians to demonstrate commitment to peace as “we have transitioned to a more democratic nation with robust institutions that have been developed”.

The President added: “I have promised to ensure that the process is as peaceful and credible as possible. But each of us has a responsibility to ensure that we maintain the peace.”

Dr. Weah said his government remains committed to upholding the tenets of democracy and the rule of law, but reiterated that the responsibility also lies with every Liberian.

“As you know, this year’s celebration of Flag Day aligns with the 20th anniversary of the end of the civil war. The upcoming elections are a historic opportunity for Liberians to stand together and demonstrate to the world that we are – and will remain – a peaceful nation,” he said further.

He reminded Liberians about a portion of the National Pledge to the Flag which posits “allegiance to the flag of Liberia and to the Republic for which it stands, one nation, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all”.

He continued: “We take pride in the star and stripes of our national symbol, while remembering the patriotism of its makers. The flag reflects our rich history and the valor of our founding fathers. It symbolizes freedom, as well as the sweat and toil of those who preceded us.”

He called on all citizens to remain grateful to God for His abiding grace and mercy upon our Nation and People and for bringing the nation this far, in spite of many struggles.

Liberia, President Weah stressed, continues to make steady progress towards strengthening the foundations of peace and democracy, and respecting fundamental rights as envisioned by the nation’s forefathers – and foremothers.

While the flag brings us enormous pride as a people, President Weah further said, the day is also meant to remember the heroism of the seven women who designed it.

He added that the ladies, led by Susannah Lewis, masterfully put together one of the most beautiful emblems in the world, ensuring that every fabric and color has a special meaning.

“We will continue to honor their contribution to Liberia, and the contributions of all our great women leaders – including our former President – whose personal sacrifices have helped the development of our nation,” the President stressed.

The Liberian leader said Liberians must continue to celebrate all that we have achieved, and remember that regardless of our differences, “we are Liberians first, sharing a common heritage and history.”

He admonished Liberians to therefore endeavor to “maintain the peace we now enjoy, as well as the development that is taking place across the country.

“We must be proud of ourselves for the progress we have made, despite the turbulent years; we are a stronger nation now, ready to claim the future.”

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