‘Unprecedented Developments’ -Spreading More Projects, Pres. Weah Boasts of Spiraled Progress in 3 yrs.

Responding to statements by President George Manneh Weah regarding his development drive and how he boasts of it often, there are those who may flash the maxim, ‘fish seller will never say my fish is rotten’, a way of saying that the president’s tendency of blowing his own horn is unmerited. Such reactions are not stopping him from echoing what some pundits call his historic breakthroughs in terms of landmark developments that have spiraled in just three years. And as the President updates rural Liberians on his nationwide tour about what he has achieved, boasting that he has done much in his three years than any of their predecessors in their respective three years, he continues to break ground for and dedicate several critical social service projects that leave both his critics and supporters spellbound about the rapidity and great passion with which he cascades development projects everywhere he goes. The scenario was repeated on his recent visit to Sinoe County, as The Analyst reports.

President George Manneh Weah, who has been visiting rural Liberia to thank the populace for electing him overwhelmingly, is at the same time leaving behind enormous smiles and celebration for the people as he lights up communities, causes the rehabilitation of long neglected motor roads, dedicates and breaks grounds for new projects.

But as the president’s visit to the hinterland comes nearly half way of his first six year tenure, he also uses the opportunity to brief the rural people on transformative policies and development projects he has thus far put into place during the period.

Key amongst the policies and development projects often spoken of by the President, rightfully boastfully, paving of dozens of rural and urban roads, declaration of free tuition for public colleges and universities, increasing media and free speech space, free public exams for high school students, constructing more markets and huge referral hospitals, amongst many others.

“I have come to tell you thank you for reposing your confidence in me by electing me despite criticisms against me,” the President told Sinoe citizens from one town meeting to another, just as he had said in 13 other counties visited.

“There were those who tried to discourage you from voting me president. They said I was a footballer and knew nothing about national leadership, and that if you elected me, there would be war, and Liberia will never progress,” the President said.

“But as you would see around you, there are many development projects all over the place. What my team and I achieved in our two and half years was never achieved in the three years of my predecessors. That means you never made a mistake in electing me.”

In Sinoe County, whether it was in Togbaville, Sanquine Statutory District, Greenville City, Unification City in Tarjuowon Statutory District, or Kparnyan and Jadeapo, the President spoke highly of his achievements in terms of developments, despite the many challenges, including the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic in the country, which he noted is also being experienced by governments around world.

Speaking in Kparnyan District during a town hall meeting which marked the 50th of all his town hall meetings across the country, Mr. Weah who had the audience spellbound, told the people that he has set an unprecedented record unmatched by all his predecessors since the past 172 years of the nation’s existence in such a short time.

He said further: “You elected us to serve you for six years; but what we have done in just three years of our leadership is more than what any other government in the last 172 years has done during the same period of time.:

The President added: “We are building roads, hospitals, schools, market building; we are lighting the streets and communities, giving free scholarships for our young people to go to higher institutions so as to be useful citizens; we are paying the WASSCE fees for our 12th and 9th graders and we have employed more doctors and nurses.”

Lamenting the difficult economic times in which he is president of Liberia, the President continued: “We are empowering our rural women and giving opportunities to do businesses, we have secured funding for our farmers to grow more food for our country and raise income for themselves,” he noted.

These achievements are just a few of what this administration has done in just a short period of time, the President told the people like he did in other counties previously visited.

The Liberian leader said he was excited to be in Sinoe County where he earned 89.9% of the votes of the people in 2017.

He said he was bound to do something for the people and community as a way of appreciating them, considering the support he received from them during the election that brought him to the presidency.

“For the county that gave me 89.9% of its votes, there is no way I will come here without doing something before going back. I will make sure that the Minister of Public Works comes here to open the corridor of the road linking Jaedepo to the main road,” the Chief Executive averred. “We will also construct a vocational school in this area”, President Weah said amid cheers and jubilation from the people.”

At the jam packed town hall meeting held in Jaedepo, the youth leader in the community, Mr. Cyrus Carter welcomed the president and party and told him that they had been looking forward to the day to see the President of Liberia so as to acquaint him with the problems in their district.

Mr. Carter said with the district’s newly elected representative, development was assured as it will end marginalization in terms of development.

He appealed for the construction of a vocational school and a recreation center for the youth.

An elder who also spoke at the occasion praised the president for his visit and his far-sightedness to develop every corner in the country.

“Biologically, you are from this place. Our sons and daughters are great people,” he said while also forming part of the dignitaries from the area to gown the President in appreciation for his level of development he has done for the country.

The lawmaker representing District #2, Mr. Samson Wiah, who succeeded deceased lawmaker Jay Nagbe Sloh, told the President how excited the community was to welcome him for the first time.

He presented a list of the challenges the district was undergoing, which he said has impeded the level of development in the area.

He complained that the whole area lacks good roads as well as a marketplace for the women to do business.

Responding to the citizens, the President first asked for a moment of silence for the late Representative Jay Nagbe Sloh, who he said was his good friend.

The late Representative Sloh represented Sinoe County District # 2 at the House of Representatives.

The president called for the moment of silence in memory of him and others who died during the coronavirus outbreak.

Prior to visiting District #2, the President also on Friday, visited Kpanyan Statutory District where Representative Crayton O. Duncan welcomed the president and made a passionate appeal to him, requesting him to address the underdevelopment of the area.

At the town hall meeting held in Duakin, the president thanked the people for the support he got from them during the elections in 2017, and for keeping the peace.

He said where there is no peace, there cannot be development. He assured the people that he will definitely look at their situation and provide them with solutions that will bring them joy and happiness.

In the wake of his developmental initiatives across the Country of which the South Eastern Part of Liberia is of no exception, citizens of Sinoe County have joined the latest campaign to pledge their overwhelming support to the second term bid of President George Weah during the ensuing 2023 general and Presidential election.

“We will give you 99.9% of the votes in 2023,” the happy citizens of Sinoe County reassured their son.

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