‘Unethical, Undemocratic’ -River Gee Elders Blast Wesseh, Sogbie; Demand Apology for Boycott of President’s Visit

While most rural citizens might be celebrating the impact and euphoria that attended President George Weah’s tours in the countryside, their counterparts in River Gee County are still at each other’s throat, over the president’s description of a ‘presidential palace’, which others prefer to call a ‘guesthouse’ located in the capital Fish Town, as unfit for habitation. The President’s description appears to be overshadowing the reportedly congenial interactions that had taken place between the Liberian leader and citizens of the county. The two senators from that county, Conmany Wesseh and Jonathan Sogbie, who boycotted or simply stayed out, as others would put it, of the President’s visit to the county, have seemingly taken offense over ‘presidential palace’ saga and have been making belligerent public comments on the matter. But a group of River Geeans calling themselves Elder Council of River Gee is not taking the two senators’ attitude towards President Weah lying down. In a statement, the Elders described the senators’ behavior undemocratic and unethical, as The Analyst reports.

The verbal feud which ensued amongst citizens of River Gee County following the visit of President George Manneh Weah to that county as part of his six-county tour is not receding at all.

The two senators of the County, Hon. Conmany Wesseh and Hon. Jonathan Sogbie, who did not to go to receive the president during the visit, take particular offense over statements attributed to President Weah as criticizing the county as the most backward place in the country which is abandoned by its leaders.

The President particularly took aim at the “guesthouse” he lodged in, and after he found out that it was an empty shell, he described it as a filthy place to lodge, unfit to be called ‘presidential palace.’ He called for its demolition and replacement.

Though it is two weeks since the President returned to the capital, Monrovia, citizens of the River Gee have been embroiled in bickering over the President’s statements, coupled with the two senators’ hostile responses.

Having looked at the entire River Gee Presidential Visit saga, some elders of the county under the banner, Elders Council of River Gee, believe Senators Wesseh and Sogbie are to blame for staying away from the president’s visit and sitting back only to be criticizing.

In a statement released, yesterday in Monrovia, the River Gee elders expressed disappointment in what they called “failed representation of our Law makers,” particularly, the both Senators of Hon. Conmany B. Wesseh and Hon. Jonathan Boy Charles Sogbie for their ill representation demonstrated during the recent Presidential county tour in the Southeast including River Gee”.

“Traditionally in our country Liberia, protocol dictates that whenever the President of the Republic of Liberia is a visitor to your county, it is required and proper that county leadership, particularly Senators and Representatives be in attendance to cement the President visitation as Chief Representatives of the people,” the elders said in the statement signed by Mr. Jackson C. Nyepen, Chairman of the Council Elder of River Gee.

According to the elders, “the essence of their (Representatives and Senators) being there is to discuss and present a development agenda for county and account for expenditure and progress of national government support to the county.”

But they noted that “regrettably, our learnt and experience Senators chose to stay away from the people and county thereby exposing the county to unjust criticism and debate.”

Said the elders: “In light of this, the Elder Council and the people of River Gee both in the diaspora strongly disassociate ourselves and condemn in the strongest terms such unethical and undemocratic attitude of our learned Senators.”

The Elders say they are requesting and demanding an apology through the print and electronic media and a visit in the county for social apology from the two senators.

“We further wish to congratulate the President H.E. Dr. George M. Weah for the visit to River Gee and many propose projects highlighted,” the released of the elders asserted further.

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