UNDP Donates Vehicles, Motorbikes to Disaster Agency

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) has donated three (3) Motorbikes, One (1) Toyota Land Cruiser Jeep and One (1) Toyota Hilux Pickup to the National Disaster Management Agency (NDMA). The items were procured under the Multi-Partner Trust Fund (MPTF).

“This is the most profitable asset that we have received for now and I want to thank the UNDP for this donation,” NDMA Executive Director Henry O. Williams said.

Mr. Williams said since the establishment of the NDMA, UNDP remains very supportive to strengthening and enhancing the technical and logistical capacity of the agency. He noted that the donation of the vehicles and motorbikes are part of several donations and effort by the UNDP to build the institution’s capacity.

“We want to especially highlight the contributions of UNDP to the existence and sustainability of the NDMA… The UNDP remains our major partner when it comes to our work here at NDMA. They’ve done that in so many forms, by making us to be in this building today and they are also trying to add some sophistication by the establishment of the proposed emergency operation center with state of the ark equipment to be installed here,” said Mr. Williams.

He stated that the donation of the vehicles and motorbikes were timely and will drastically enhance the mobility of the agency in mitigating disasters and disaster related issues in Liberia.

The NDMA boss said fostering strong partnership with organizations like UNDP and other Ministries and Agencies remain one of the best mechanisms to be employed by the NDMA to tackle the issue of disaster in Liberia.

“Partnership is the only mechanism that can help in tackling the issue of disaster in Liberia; because disaster is not an easy issue to be dealt with by one agency,” Mr. Williams added. He said the government of Liberia acknowledges the good work of UNDP in supporting its development agenda, the Pro-Poor Agenda for Prosperity and Development (PAPD).

The cost of all the items is put at over US$200,000.

The National Disaster Management Agency was established for the effective management of disasters in Liberia. It is responsible to among other things, plan, forecast, set up early warning mechanisms, reduce disaster risks and to manage them when they happen.

Speaking earlier, UNDP Deputy Country Director for Programme and Acting Country Director, Cleophas Torori said with Liberia being prone to different forms of disasters -natural and man-made, enhancing and strengthening the capacity of the NDMA remains important to UNDP.

“We all must realize that disaster management is a multi-sector and multi-agency effort that requires everyone. That’s why we are here today to also launch a disaster management capacity training that is cross-sectoral and multi-agency that brings everybody together under the leadership of the NDMA,” Mr. Torori said.

He said the donation is part of continued and wider partnership with the NDMA and the latest of UNDP capacity building effort to help in the operations, mobility and decentralization effort of the agency. This donation, I believe will go a long way in supporting the work of the National Disaster Management Agency,” the UNDP acting Country Director said.

He pledged UNDP’s commitment to supporting the NDMA and the government in achieving its development agenda.

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