Two GT Bank employees charged in Charles Sirleaf Account Theft -Sent to Court for Stealing US$850,000 and L$10M

The Liberia National Police has charged two Guaranty Trust (GT) Bank employees, Andrea Duobah and Genesis Davis, with Misapplication of Entrusted Property, Theft of Property, Forgery, Criminal Facilitation, Criminal Conspiracy. The pair has been forwarded to the Monrovia City Court at the Temple of Justice.

It can be recalled four months ago Mr. Charles E. Sirleaf filed a complaint to the Liberia National Police that his United States Dollars and Liberian Dollars accounts at the GT Bank were tempered with, thereby resulting in the disappearance of US$850,000 and L$10M respectively.

The Police immediately launched a detailed criminal investigation where several persons were invited including Andrea Duobah, the GT Bank staff who Mr. Sirleaf entrusted to act as his account officer in terms of his banking activities with the bank.

Sources close to the investigation indicated that Andrea Duobah single handedly made several withdrawals without the knowledge and consent of Mr. Sirleaf.

What appears to be confusing is the fact that while Andrea was making these large withdrawals, the Internal Audit Department at GT Bank failed to query the transactions, especially where they were done through “on the counter checks” that were not issued from the official check book of Mr. Sirleaf.

Additionally, the SMS alert that is used by the bank to inform Mr. Sirleaf about any deposit and withdrawals from his accounts were disconnected, making it impossible for him to know about activities affecting his accounts. Details to follow in our subsequent report.

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