Two criminals arrested for killing motor-cyclist

By: James Boyce

The police has arrested two persons who allegedly killed a motorcyclist after they had robbed him of his motorbike in the Chocolate City Community, Iron factory belt in Gardnersville, outside Monrovia which raised the anger of community dwellers.

According to eyewitness accounts, the perpetrators were three in number who earlier this morning had gone into the community with sharp objects and other dangerous weapons in their hands robbing people and threatening to kill anyone who went close to them while carrying on their operation.

It was after robbing, killing the motorcyclist and about to escape, a tri- cyclist identified the bike and raised an alarm and some brave persons around grabbed them and started beating them. One of them was killed in the process but the other two were about to be killed the same way when some members of the PSU of the Liberia National Police of the Zone 4 Depot, arrived at the scene and rescued them and took them to their station where they are being held undergoing investigation.

The commander of the Zone 4 Depot urged the community dwellers to remain calm as he promised the law will take its course. He had expressed his own dissatisfaction over the gruesome murder of the motorcyclist.

It was reported that one of the police officers sustained serious injuries in the process while trying to prevent the criminals from being killed as the angry crowd threw stones and harmful objects at the police officers to vent their anger and frustration for preventing them from killing the suspects through jungle justice.

Meanwhile, Citizens and residents of that area have expressed serious concerns about the numerous killings that are ongoing in every part of the country and urged the  national government to find a remedy to the situation. According to them, if the government doesn’t curtail the situation, they will gang up on themselves and do whatever it takes to protect themselves from being harmed by criminals.

They further stated that due to the numerous killing of innocent citizens by criminals and forcefully taking away their belongings, they don’t have peace of mind or liberty while looking for their daily bread. That they feel insecure and unprotected everyday, that the police officers are not carrying on their national duties, rather they are coordinating with the criminals to carry on criminal acts.

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