The Minister of Finance and Development  Planning (MFDP), Mr. Samuel Tweah in the wake of national debate of reports on the alleged missing 16 billion Liberian dollars, has expressed happiness that the President George Manneh Weah said the government is vindicated.

Minister Tweah said while he and the president were away, “the 16bn dollars reports were released by the Presidential Investigative Team and the USAID sponsored Kroll Audit Team, saying that it is not possible for all the money printed to be taken away.

He told the crowds that the propaganda is obviously coming from their detractors, reiterating that no money is missing. However, he indicated, “The question now is Samuel Tweah. What we need to do is to provide more information to our public so they will know how government works, what is possible and what is not possible, saying further, so when they see information they can interpret it better.

“As Minister of Finance not as Samuel Tweah,” he said “I preside over the Technical Economic Management Team and added that what Liberians need to know is that TEMT includes the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Commence, National Investment Commission; Ministry of Agriculture as well as the Ministry of State, the Liberian National Police, the Ministry of Justice etc. are all members of the TEMT.

He says the strategy used to mop up the US$ 25m is intended to grow the country’s economy and to provide jobs, and to develop strategy for the growth of the economy.  “We will find time to explain all of these,” he said.

Earlier speaking on his Israeli trip, Minister Tweah said “Let me say a big thank you for all of you that are here with this overwhelming support. I am so happy that you too can take time to meet us today, I really wanted to come with the President yesterday but could not.”

He said that for the first time in his 47 years  of  being a Christian, he along with the President,  were able to lay their heads to where the body of Jesus Christ was laid.”

“And so when you can lay down where Jesus Christ that we worship laid down, you are full of peace and happiness because he laid down his life that we may live.  And we took time off of our official duties to see what we believe. We been reading the Bible and we been going to Church … it was a wonderful scene to see this part of Christianity,” Minister Tweh told the crowd that met him at the Roberts International Airport yesterday.

“ We are the governors of this state.  The President of the Republic of Liberia manages the affairs of the state.  Anything happens in this country, only one person we refer it to-its’s nobody else, but George Manneh Weah,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Finance and Development Planning Minister said the only person any President will refer to regarding what happened in Liberia is George Manneh Weah, and nobody else. Tweah said Weah  is the only person the whole world knows with the greatest responsibility to maintain peace in the country. All else doesn’t work; it is he that will come to the people to declare that we will not succeed.”

Still counting on the trip to Jerusalem, Minister Tweah said their first responsibility coming from Jerusalem, is to reaffirm their Christianity to allow our fellow men, including those who despised and hate us to do what Jesus Christ did to those who despised him.

Mr. Tweah who spoke at the airport when an array of CDC partisans and sympathizers went to meet him at the Robert International Airport in Margibi County, implored Liberians to accept Mr. George Manneh Weah as their president “… to build our roads and other development projects. To do that, I appeal to my brothers and sisters to cooperate for the remaining part of the six years to make the country better.”

He noted that our trip around the world has shown that leaders are moving their people to a wonderful future, adding, that he expects Liberians to work together  so as to accept George Manneh Weah who is poised to moving the people of Liberia to a nobler future for six years before the next election.

Mr. Tweah further said Weah has to be given a chance to build our roads, improve our electricity and our financial management system. He also appealed to “the opposition brothers and sisters that let’s work together to make this country better.”

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