Trust Us in Our Collaboration – WOPROFIW Director Tells INGOs

The Executive Director of the Women Protecting Female Inmates & Welfare (WOPROFIW), Madam K. Veronica Solbor, on Friday challenged the donor community and the INGOs to trust their local partners and counterparts by channeling funds intended for the Liberian people through them as they are the ones that have perfect knowledge of what the needs of local communities and peoples are.

The WOPROFIW boss noted that local and international partnership collaboration and cooperation between and amongst the local and INGOs will successfully drive the social political and economic agenda of the country and its people from the civil society perspective.

She spoke at the Paynesville City Hall where she served as a panelist at the formal opening session of the 3rd Annual NGO Fair held in Paynesville.

She was one of the five panelists that addressed the formal session at the fair and eloquently deliberated on the essence of collaboration amongst civil society organizations.

The Liberian gender and human rights activist indicated that civil society organizations should hold together with support from their international partners and the donor community to ensure that programmes and policies formulated by the government work in the interest of the people, if the Pro-poor Agenda of the government should succeed.

Madam Solbor recalled the strength of a stanza in the Liberian National Anthem which states, “In union strong, success is sure, ” and implored her fellow local NGOs to adapt the spirit of cooperation and collaboration in the exercise of their watchdog role to improve health and education, other social services including protection of the rights of all irrespective of creed, religion, tribe and political affiliation.

The fight against Ebola, she pointed out, is an example and success story of such cooperation and collaboration where Mercy Corp incorporated every local NGO to roll back the virus, which was done successfully.

“Our people expect much of us, and with collaboration and cooperation, success is sure, and we will overall prevail in partnership with our international partners,” Madam Solbor who spoke extemporaneously asserted.

She led her organization to the 3rd Annual NGO Fair of Liberia at the Paynesville City Hall where she and her team displayed the works of WOPROFIW since 2014 when her organization was registered with the government.

The NGO Fair brought together local and international nongovernmental organizations.

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