True Confession By a Diehard CDCian: ‘By-Election Results Are Product of Internal Revolt’

By Boima J.V. Boima

To admit, I didn’t sleep last night. I struggled between sleep and wake all through last night. I was on the streets talking to people and compiling results to know whether we’ve won the elections. Indeed the results are not what we all opted for. I for instance wanted a result that could have given us a commanding victory. Not a slim margin. Yes, we must not be struggling to win here in this county.

This is where our party started winning polls. This is where the revolution that ushered the people’s struggle was signed and sealed. I am still convinced that our two candidates would win. But to be frank, we should not be struggling for a victory in this county at this early stage of our Presidency.

We came to power on a populist ideology. We’ve made so many promises to our people that we have not lived up to fulfill till now. Majority of our people who struggled with us in the slums are yet to be given better jobs or even empowered by their own government to start a better life. Yes, this was a revolution; our people did not struggle to become beggars.

The results seen out there are product of internal revolt. Majority of our once zealous supporters have gone sour. They are not happy at all. They are not happy with us, Mr. President. Majority of those who voted for Dillon are our own very CDCians. Some didn’t even turn up to vote. Those who chose or opted to went against us. Their message is clear; “look into our direction now too.”

I know people would advise you to dismiss me. I will not die. I didn’t die yesterday. I wouldn’t die today if Mr. President you have the power to do so. But its better I say this now than pretend and live with negative consequences for ever. Even after this struggle, some of us had to beg on our bellies to get the jobs that we have today. Some of our colleagues are still been marginalized at some of the agencies they were appointed to work, while others including myself hardly get paid for work.

We basically live on credits. We dig hole and cover hole every month to survive. How do you expect us to connect or “compare notes” with our brothers who have not been stratified in the communities? We now run our government on the basis of friendship and “who knows you system.” Qualified CDCians who suffered with you for years are been ignored to appease friends. Those friends are now in charge of our lucrative agencies. They are paid every month. Their gas slips comes regularly. But guess what? They don’t know the masses out there. They are not obligated to them. Those of us who know the masses and are supposed to reach out to them are mere hustlers in our own government. We beg from office to office to survive. When we talk, you ignore us. In fact we are sometimes referred to as “spies.”

Mr. President we love you. We want you to succeed, but you are not paying attention to us. When last was a meeting held with all assistant ministers and deputies to know what are unfolding across ministries and agencies? No way, in fact there is gag order that we must not talk. It’s either silence or get fired. We must empower our own soldiers to fight for us. Give them lucrative jobs too Mr. President. Stop overlooking us.

As a ruling party why should we be struggling with resources? Why should we be struggling to get vehicles to campaign or money to pay our poll watchers? Do you think we should really be struggling? Mr. President, I am still convinced that there are rooms for improvements if we all can recalibrate and go back to the drawing table to solve these problems. We must take these advices into high consideration.

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