TRH Manager Confirms US$100M Cocaine Import -Says Defendants Offered US$200K to have Container Imported

By Melvin Jackson 

MONROVIA – The prosecution’s first witness in the ongoing US$100m cocaine case has confirmed before court and the jurors that his office, TRH Incorporated, was offered US$200,000 by the defendants to have their container imported to Liberia.

Samuel T. Nimley, who is the General Manager of TRH Incorporated, revealed that on September 30, 2023 one of the defendants engaged his company, requesting to purchase a container of pig feet.

He said when the request was made, his employees got skeptical of the request because the defendant told them that he wanted to ship the container to Ivory Coast. Nimely said he told the defendant that his company does not ship pig feet to Ivory Coast.

Nimley further told the court while on the witness stand that when his company further quizzed one of the defendants, he said that the pig feet container was intended for campaign purposes in Liberia.

According to the TRH General Manager, on September 29, 2022, the defendant again went with a bag containing cash in which they offered to pay the amount of USD$200,000.

The TRH Incorporation General Manager who has worked 27 years in the sector, and also worked with the Trans National Crimes Anti-Drug Trafficking Agency Globally, as well as head of Interpol, said he felt suspicious, thus he alerted the security authorities about the situation.

“They further left because they could not convince TRH trading to make a sale. Later, on Friday September 29, 2022, the fourth individual came with a bag containing cash, and offered to pay TRH Trading the amount of USD$200,000,” he said.

He further revealed that at that point, given his 27 years of experience in the field, he grew suspicious because the defendants couldn’t give any justifiable reason, and that was why he notified the authorities.

“I was further convinced that something terrible was in the making. The gentleman was prepared to pay USD$200,000 for a container of pig feet which cost USD$21,000,” the TRH general manager said.

Nimley said that one of the defendants provided his phone and started to display the parking order of the said container from Brazil, as well as the description of the boxes.

“Now, I will have the court to please note that their demand was for a container of pig feet but later on during the negotiation they made it clear that they only needed 29 boxes from the container,” the TRH trading General Manager noted.

Meanwhile the prosecution lawyers have rested with their questioning of the witness, with the usual reservation to give notice to court that the witness may be recalled when the need arises.

At the same time the defense lawyers have prayed for a continuance to suspend the trial and allow the defense to receive the minutes of court to study the testimony of the witness and commence during the next sitting.

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