Transitional Govt Underway! -Guinea Military Set 24 Months Limit

As the Economic Community for West African States (ECOWAS) deliberates in Ghana over the current fluid security situation in Guinea where the military has overthrown President Alpha Conde, The Analyst is reliably informed that the military regime headed by Colonel Mamady Doumbouya is working with the Guinean civil society and influential citizens in and out of the country to form a transitional government as soon as possible, with a mandate to take the country to elections in 24 months.

According to the terms and conditions, particularly Article 8 of the proposed draft Transition Charter, a copy of which is in the possession of this paper, a National Transitional Council (CNT) will be formed as the legislative body of the transition comprising 50 representatives of political parties; 15 representatives of civil society organizations; 35 representatives of the defense and security forces, and 10 representatives of Guineans Abroad. Additionally, the composition of the CNT takes into account the quota of women and young people.

The proposed transitional arrangement which is being highly hailed among Guineans places the President of the National Committee for Recovery and Development Transition as President of the Republic and Head of State, who must comply with the Transition Charter.

In this case, Colonel Doumbouya’s term ends at the end of the transition, following the investiture of the President elected during the next presidential election. In line with Article 4 of the proposed Transition Charter, the President of the National Committee for Recovery and Development is not eligible for the next presidential election.

In the event that Colonel Doumbouyah as head of the National Committee for Recovery and Development is incapacitated, the prerogatives and powers of the President revert to the Prime Minister.

The Prime Minister of the Transitional government, in line with Article 8 of the proposed Transition Charter, is the head of the government, and should be a consensual personality, with proven competence and equidistant between the political parties.

“Members of the CNT must not be people who openly supported the referendum of March 22, 2020. They must not have been part of the last governments of the outgoing President.

The President of the CNT must be a civil personality elected by his peers, not eligible for the presidential and legislative elections which will be organized to close the transition period.

The appointed ministers must be representative of the plural society made up of different communities of the Republic of Guinea,” the proposed Transition Charter stated.

The transitional government will be headed by a Prime Minister appointed by the President of the Transition, comprising 30 ministerial departments and a High Commission.

“Its composition takes into account women, young people, political parties, civil society organizations and Guineans abroad,” the Transition Charter revealed.

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