To Reduce Maternal Mortality -Bopolu City Mayor Joins Campaign; Encourages Baby’s mothers

The campaign to reduce maternal mortality in Liberia is drawing the attention of all Liberians including government officials.

The latest is the Youthful Mayor of Bopolu city, Zinnah Norman who has introduced what he called ‘Baby’s Mother’s Day in the city.

The initiative is intended to encourage pregnant women to regularly visit the hospital for treatment and to eradicate the practice of giving birth at homes as to help national government in the fight of maternal mortality.

Due to the economics constrain in the country, many pregnant women preferred giving birth at homes in the County as to avoid being asked by hospital authorities to provide needed materials in time for labour pain, thus causing serious problems to many mothers.

With the Mayor’s initiative, mothers who give birth at the hospital benefit lappers, baby’s clothes, pampers chloral, pad, soaps and babies’ weeps every Tuesdays at the only referral hospital in the county, Chief Jallalone Medical Center.

According to him, the initiative is aimed at encouraging mothers to stop giving birth at home as to help reduce the maternal mortality rate in the county and the country at large.

“We started this six months campaign since April 2019, every Tuesday we give out baby’s clothes, pampers, chloral, pad, webs and lappers to new born babies. We noticed that many women gives birth at homes since they have no money to buy those materials, which we believe is also attributing to high rate of maternal mortality. With the introduction of the ‘Baby’s Mother’s Day statistic has proven that pregnant women are trooping at the hospital in their numbers from other parts of the county to give birth,” Mayor Norman revealed.

He said, the initiative is there to make birth safer in the county and to treat eclampsia and post-partum hemorrhage and to treat the complications of child birth.

Mayor Zinnah Norman reassured the people of Bopolu that he will continue to explore more avenues to help the needy in order to support the government of Liberia Pro Poor agenda.

“ We are in contact with partners to provide us mobile clinics to enable us provide first aid for the people in every part of the county and also to help train our midwives and nurses at the various health facilities” he added.

Meanwhile, Mayor Norman was named as the best city mayor in the Western region by the Western Region Youth Parliament for his incredible work within the city.

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