Tipoteh Congratulates the Analyst -On 24th Founding Anniversary

MONROVIA – On the occasion of its 24th Founding Anniversary, world-renowned Economist, Dr. Togba-Nah Tipoteh, has congratulated The Analyst Newspaper, noting that at the time when the people of Liberia have just observed the 175th Birth Anniversary of Liberia, it is important to focus on the important work that The Analyst continues to do.

According to Dr. Tipoteh, the work of The Analyst is most important because it provides information through its daily publications to raise the awareness of the people in ways that motivate them to work together within the Rule of Law to transform the prevailing injustice system into the Justice system.

Corruption, an ingredient of the injustice system, was declared by the immediate past government of Liberia (GOL) and the present one as the number one enemy of the State but corruption goes on and on, as indicated by Dr. Tipoteh.

Ironically, the government of the United States of America (USA), which supports the GOL, has placed sanctions on top three GOL officials for corruption and bribery, noted Dr. Tipoteh. The renowned Economist went on to wonder why the GOL would wait for the sanctions from the USA government before suspending the top three GOL officials.

Dr. Tipoteh answered the wondering by saying that the GOL had to wait until it got the  suspension command from the US Government. Dr. Tipoteh went on further to say that the sanctions are the warning that there must be a change of the GOL because the present GOL is not performing well.

The Analyst newspaper, Liberia’s most analytical daily, observed its 24th Founding Day on August 13, 2022. The paper was established August 13, 1998 by a few enterprising journalists who decided to blow a breath of fresh air into the Liberian print media landscape. Apart from the regular in-depth reportage of well-researched and analyzed hard and soft news publications, The Analyst regularly features advisories on good governance through its insightful editorial and Memo to the President.

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