“Timely Salaries Payment Commendable” -Says Bishop Kortu Brown

The President of the Liberia Council of Churches, Bishop Kortu K. Brown, has described the timely payment of civil servants’ salaries as a commendable venture. “From the information available to us, government has been very regular in the payment of civil servants, which we think is commendable and greatly appreciated,” Bishop Brown asserted

In an interview with the Analyst newspaper, Bishop Brown averred that the government’s action on the payment of salaries has proved his fears wrong. He had earlier harbored the fear that with COVID-19, the salary payment scheme could have been undermined. However, he noted, “So far, the government’s action on the payment of salaries has proved our fears wrong. Even with the outbreak of the pandemic, the government has prioritized the payment of the salaries of civil servants”.

The Pentecostal cleric opined that if the current catchment of civil servants is between 50,000 to 70,000 persons that would suggest that the salary payment scheme is directly and/ indirectly affecting up to a million Liberians, socially and economically.

Notwithstanding, Dr. Brown said  “The government has shown great commitment to cushioning social cohesion in the country and local communities by engaging in the timely payment of salaries of civil servants especially in this epoch of frequent protests.”

“When we consider the negative impact of the outbreak of the pandemic on the economy of the world which is contributing to soaring prices of basic commodities, fuel, etc., no doubt that every Librarian should be considerate of the strenuous efforts of the government in the payment of civil servants’ salaries”, the astute cleric and head of an Apostolic Pentecostal Church, said.

However the Bishop has picked bone with the government information dissemination machinery, saying that not many Liberians are aware that the government is current on salaries payment – especially with the level of acrimony existing within the society.

The timely payment of salaries, he maintained, helps fight hunger especially when civil servants are mandated to stay home to fight COVID pandemic. He believes that the initiative is one of the government’s best efforts and should be heralded.

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