Tim Weah Makes Liberia Proud -Returns Home Right After Signing $13M Deal with Juve

MONROVIA : From all indications, Timothy Weah, the youngest son of President George Mannen Weah, just made history as the current highest paid football player of Liberian descent, having just signed a mouth-watering US$13 million five-year deal with Italian Serie A soccer giant Juventus. Celebrating the monumental feat, Tim’s immediate reaction was to hop on the next available flight that took him right back to his fatherland, Liberia on Tuesday, July 4 where a hero’s welcome awaited him at the Roberts International Airport (RIA), as thousands of well-wishers dressed up in the usual red, white and blue regalia of the national colors danced, sang and cheered their brother and son back home.

At the airport, Tim Weah, gowned in the traditional Liberian country cloth Vai-cut shirt adorned in the national red, white and blue colors, grooved to the tantalizing beats of the sangba drum, oblivious to the fact that he had just left the trappings of wealth and was back home to celebrate his achievement with the Liberian people; rather than his birthplace in the United States of America whose flag he continues to bear as linchpin of the U.S. soccer squad.

What the Juventus deal means to Tim

Receiving a hero’s welcome in Italy where he had gone to do his medical to seal his deal with Juventus, Tim was stunned by the heartfelt greetings from adoring fans who showed their appreciation for the fast-paced winger from French Ligue 1 Lille side; and he wasted no time in granting his first post-medical interview where he disclosed the strength of his decision to join Juventus.

“Yes, the history of my family, with my dad playing for Milan, just that in itself is huge. Now it’s an opportunity to be in Serie A, playing for one of the greatest clubs is wonderful. It’s one of his favorite clubs; he supported Juventus, he’s crazy about them, so it really made the choice easy for me.

“I am excited and honored, blessed; it’s a childhood dream to join Juventus, one of the greatest clubs in the world. I am so proud,” Tim said.

The rising soccer star, who is expected to fill the shoes of his iconic father who remains the only African to have won the Ballon D’or, says he is especially elated to join Juventus because of everything that the club represents.

“The history, the players, the country staffing, just the belief that everyone has in me. I feel at home here. The fans, as you saw during the medical, came and supported me; so I am just happy, I feel at home, I am excited to get started.”

Quizzed on what he sees as his prospect in terms of positioning in a world class team that is equally equipped with talented players, Tim said his strength as an intense player will see him through.

“I think it will be good because I am an intense player; I love to make runs, to cross, deliver; and I think with the teammates that I have, I am just going to benefit from that, and hopefully I can help those guys score goals and play beautiful football. Personally, I am a workhorse, so I am going to work for the team. Hopefully, the fans are going to appreciate my hard work.

“Definitely my preferred position will have to be wingback, and I think that’s what I am going to play here. I am super excited. It’s a new position for me, but it’s definitely something I like. I’ve had the experience of playing striker on the wing. Wingback I think benefits me a lot, so wherever the coach puts me, I am happy. Wherever the team needs help, I am there to do it.

“I am here to achieve great things. We have a beautiful team and a beautiful club, coaching staff, and the people who are behind the scenes. So, we have to put in the work, and hopefully, we can do great things.

“Thanks to you the fans for loving me; the way you guys have been supporting me since day one when the news came out, you guys were all over. I just want to thank you guys. I am going to give my heart to this club. I love you guys and see you soon,” Tim Weah enthused.

The electrifying winger was born in Brooklyn, New York to Clar Weah and former football legend George Weah. He decided to represent the United States of America despite having a host of countries including France, Jamaica, and Liberia as options.

The youngster rose through the ranks in the football system in America before moving to Lille and has now secured himself a massive contract at Juventus which could be one of the biggest steps in his career, replicating his father who left the shores of France to ascend to the pinnacle of his soccer career with AC Milan in the mid-1990s.

A member of the receiving squad that welcomed Tim at the RIA had this to say about his idol: “What Tim has achieved is beyond politics. As a Liberian, I see his achievement as a plus for Liberia, not America where he was born. His father is from here. Tim came here after signing his biggest soccer deal. For once, let us look beyond politics and see this young man as our own. Timothy Weah is a Liberian just like those politicians who hold American citizenship and are contesting in the election.”

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  1. Gayah Kezele says

    Well done to the young man but Alphonso Davis who is also of Liberian descent, plays for Bayern Munich and Canada, earns more than 11 million euro annually. They are both fabulously wealthy as a result of their God-given talents and hard work. The point is, get your facts right. A simple 10 minute research would have enabled you do that. Cheers!

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