Thieves Break into Girls Alliance’s Office -Carted Away “Everything”

MONROVIA: The Girls Alliance for Future Leadership has become the latest victim of a continued series of burglaries in and around Monrovia such as Johnson Street where the institution’s secretariat is located and robbed last week losing a lot of properties in the unfortunate event.

Jamesetta Flomo, Secretary General of the group told The Analyst that the thieves took away virtually “everything” including window curtains, something, according to her, left them in total shock and dismay as both their back and front entrances are made up of metal doors.

She further said the men of the underworld also attempted to enter another apartment adjoining their office by breaking through the ceiling. Girls Alliance for Future Leadership is an all-female teenage-based rights advocacy group for women and girls.

Several reports of crimes have it that the corner of Benson and Johnson streets is notorious for burglaries where it is said that nearly all business facilities and private homes in the vicinity have suffered such unfortunate circumstances. Mr. Mohamed Bah, a trader in the area, told The Analyst that criminals break into businesses and homes every week in the area, citing his business which has been broken into on several occasions.

Mr. Bah furthered that the thieves possess what he called master key that give them access to any facility even if the doors are bolted just as  Jamesetta Flomo also told The Analyst the criminal had access to their facility.

While stating that the doors of their office were broken, she said she has no knowledge why their institution was targeted. “We are not a business entity; we are just a struggling not-for-profit organization”, Jamesetta explained.

Asked if she reported the matter to the police, Miss Flomo lamented that they did not bother to do so because it would have amounted to a waste of time and money and nothing would have happened.

“What will I get? A Police officer asked for money to have the case registered. We do not have money and even if we had provided the twenty United States dollars that was requested, we will retrieve nothing, Jamesetta explained.

Girls Alliance for Future Leadership is an all-female teenage-based rights advocacy group for women and girls.

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