They Will Be Exposed, Disgraced -Says Paulita, as She Congratulates Loyal CDCians

Defeated Senatorial Candidate Paulita CC Wie of the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) has revealed that there people who are “working in the Government and undermining this Government or the President” saying in a strong worded tone that “God is about to expose and disgrace you if you don’t seek the interest of the people!”   To those “wonderful CDCIANS we hurt one way or the other, I say sorry yah” Candidate Wie said, apparently referring to the failure of the CDC to win the Monsterrado County by election or perhaps referring to CDCians who, as a way of protest, allegedly voted against the party during the by-elections.


   Candidate Wie spoke of a thank you tour in Monrovia, and a serious party meeting. “Now back to the matter, all roads lead to the Party HQ on Saturday, 2:00 P.M. for an appreciation moment and few strategic meetings on the way forward for our party and after a thank you tour,” she said.

   The defeated Senatorial Candidate who also apologized to those she called the “wonderful CDCIANS”, made the statement on her Facebook Page last Saturday  where she congratulated the Coalition for Democratic Change for the opportunity given her to contest the Senatorial by- election.

   Madam Wie gave a “big thank you to the father of democracy, His Excellency, President George Manneh Weah and Her Excellency Clar M. Weah,” but failed to mention the ruling coalition’s Vice Standard Bearer, Vice President Jewel Howard Taylor as the second on the CDC’s Governing Council and Executives.

   She however thanked the party’s “Governing Council and Executives, Montserrado County Leadership, Coordinators Council, Zonel Heads, Women’s League, Disable League, Youth League, all auxiliaries or groups networks of our party, friends, supporters, well wishers, team Paulita, Market Women for Paulita, Movement in support of Paulita, friends of Paulita, family members near and far and the list is endless,” adding that she will ever remained grateful to them.”

   The CDC candidate who came second to the candidate of the Collaborating opposition political parties only congratulated those who she referred to as “the winners” and all of the participants for making the democracy better.

   Madam Wie, notwithstanding, conceded defeat by the statement but breached the normal political protocol where losers in a contest usually concede their defeat with congratulatory messages to the winners. In the instance of Madam Wie, she mentioned nothing about the winner of the senatorial race Senator-elect, Abraham Darius Dillon.   

   “Thanks to our International Partners, Liberians in the diaspora for their support.” She also thanked the Christian and Muslim communities as well as the Traditional leaders.”

  Earlier she said however, “Good things come to those who believe, better things come to those who are patient most times and the best things come to those who don’t give up but keep trusting in God, serving humanity and giving back to society!!!”

    “Liberia,” Madam Wie asserted, “is the only country that we have; regardless of  our political differences, we must respect the laws of the land, pray for those that are in leadership, work in the interest of our people and keep the peace in mama Liberia!”

   The Facebook statement by Madam Wie came ahead of the concession of defeat by the ruling CDC to opposition Senatorial Candidate Abraham Darius who took the lead of his main challenger by  53, 270 votes representing 53.88%, against Wie of the CDC who 36,531 votes representing 36.95%.

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