“There Could Be Opposition Unity in the 2nd Round”-Cummings -Says No One Can Win One Round

MONROVIA: Amidst concerns among some stakeholders in the polity that the continuous fragmentation within the opposition community could lead to a landslide victory for President George Manneh Weah, the Standard Bearer of the Collaborating Political Parties(CPP), Mr. Alexander B. cummings has said the opposition community could coalesce in the second round in the situation President Weah scales through will have to face an opposition member but disagreed with the insinuation that someone can win the elections in the first round.

Speaking to a Voice of America program anchored by veteran US-based Liberian journalist James Butty over the weekend, Mr. Cummings said while it is true that there is a huge number of political parties in the country, only 3 presidential candidates are really the main contenders, naming himself, the standard bearer of the Unity Party Joseph Nyuma Boakai and the incumbent president, George Manneh Weah, adding that the three of them are manageable and should not claim that big alarm as it is being presented out there.

“There are three main contenders for the Presidency and it is not a big number although there are other on the ballot, the reality here is there are three main contenders, Alexander Cummings, Mr. Boakai and George Weah and I don’t think that is too many.

“Whoever gets to the round off, I think the opposition will coalesce but I think for now it is fair, it is okay and by the way President Weah has a record to defend a record that is not a good one and there is no way he can win the first round as they are projecting themselves and they are trying to impress it on the Liberian people and it will not work.

“So I don’t think the argument that the opposition is fragmented and therefore we cannot win the incumbent is not true”, Cummings said.

Mr. Cummings asserted that the President and his supporters are projecting the whole thing about a one round victory because they want to justify rigging in the ensuing elections and by doing that when it happens people will say oh but we told you that the President was going to win and majority will be deceived to think that way.

“The good thing is we are dispelling it just as aggressive as they are pushing it because the other opposition party is also pushing for the first round. So we are doing this to level the playing field psychologically.

“Again, if you look at the history of our elections nobody has won a first round. I mentioned it before that in 2017, when President Weah was very popular, when he has a strong record to defend and he has a very strong coalition, he could only get 38% in the first round”, he said.

He lamented the reported cases of elections related violence going on around the country with few days to go for the general elections to be held. He said it is sad that such ugly acts are beginning to emerge when everyone should on deck to avert the possible crisis and urged his fellow colleagues to act as soon as possible so as to address some of these challenges.

He said he and other political leaders in the country committed themselves towards holding of a free, fair and transparent election.

“To see violence from the word go it is disappointing and I call on my other colleagues, the political leaders to lead by example, to ensure that the elections are free, fair, transparent and peaceful.

“But most importantly, I call on the government of Liberia. President Weah has the constitutional obligation to ensure that these elections are secured and peaceful, though we will play our parts but he controls the police, the security apparatuses and it is incumbent upon him to provide us the enabling environment for these elections”, he said.

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  1. Jake Doe says

    Cummings, as far as concerns our culture and religion, and the norms and institutions of democracy, and the machinery of sovereign democratic governance, you are unfit for winning a presidential election in Liberia. And that is because YOU ARE A SODOMY GAY HOMOSEXUAL. Secondly, you are unknown in Liberia, and worse, you lack experience, integrity, reliability, and competence. And then you have proven to be a corrupt and a criminal minded sodomy gay homosexual. NO ONE JUST JUMP FROM ONE COUNTRY INTO ANOTHER AND BECOMES PRESIDENT IN ANOTHER! IF YOU WERE NOT A POLITICAL FOOL, YOU WOULD HAVE LONG KNOWN THIS!

    You want to bluff in politics, when you know nothing about politics, not to talk about the mobilization of power, influence, and knowledge for the common good ….something His Excellency President George Forky Klon Jlaleh Gbah Ku GbehTarpeh Manneh Weah is handsomely known at home and abroad to be A MASTER CLASS CRAFT STAR about.

    You little rascals and parasites on politics being the chief culprits of pretenses you are, you fail to asimilate that with His Excellency President George Forky Klon Jlaleh Gbah Ku GbehTarpeh Manneh Weah, and his running mate Her Excellency Vice President Jewel Howard Taylor the two most running mate duo with AN UNMATCHED GRASSROOTS ACCEPTANCE ACROSS THE COUNTRY AND ABROAD, AND ALSO WITHIN THE MOST POWERFUL CAPITALS ON EARTH, on the one hand, and o the other, they being

    (1) THE ONLY NATIONAL CANDIDATES drawing support from all groups in the Liberian society, and then, with a CDC composition of an electorate broadly identical to the composition of the nation and the general public, not to

    (2) mention the fact that Dr. Weah and Dr. Howard Taylor beat all candidates when it comes to integrity, experience, competence, capacitation etc.etc. as opposed to THE INCAPACITY, IRRESPONSIBILITY, VERY OLD AGE OF BOAKAI and the national security threat of his Boakai PYJ Koung Ticket, or

    (3) you disgusting, insulting and dangerous inexperienced and criminal Alex Cummings politically very stupid Ticket with that inexperienced little girl still trying to set her pampers straight, THE PRESIDENCY IS FOR DR. WEAH AND AND DR. TAYLOR JUST FOR THE TAKING AS FAR AS MAJORITY OPINION AT THE BALLOT BOX IS CONCERNED IN A ONE ROUND GOD ORDAINED VICTORY!

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