Theo Weeks Mother’s Killers Wanted -Police in Hot Pursuit

By Sallu K.Swaray
Detectives of the Liberia National Police (LNP) are in a vigorous search for the killers of a 50 year old woman identified as Mrs. Lydia Weeks. Madam Weeks was murdered at 2:00 AM on Tuesday, April 9, 2019 by unknown men believed to be armed robbers at the R-2 Community in the ELWA suburb of Monrovia.
According to police spokesman Moses Carter, Mrs. Weeks was the mother of Liberia footballer Theo Weeks. The late Mrs. Weeks’ home was burglarized, and she was severely wounded by the armed robbers who escaped the scene. She was later rushed to a nearby hospital at the R-2 Community within the ELWA area where she was pronounced dead.
Speaking Tuesday afternoon to team of local journalists at the Headquarters of the Liberia National Police, the LNP Spokesman said the armed robbers chopped Mrs. Weeks on her back and head and made away with several valuable items.
Mr. Carter said upon receiving news of the armed robbery from in the R-2 Community; the police immediately dispatched armed police response team to the area who discovered that the armed robbers had already fled the scene.
Relating to crimes and violence across the country, the LNP has given update on recent riots and mob violence that resulted to the death of a motorcyclist which led to the burning down of two police stations and one magisterial court in the concession area of Weala, Margibi County.
Mr. Carter said, the Liberia National Police have arrested and charged 74 persons in connection with the arson attacks and forwarded them to court for prosecution. The police spokesman indicated that the police have charged the 74 individuals with “rioting” and “multiple crimes”.
Mr. Carter emphasized that the police under the administration of the Inspector General, Col. Patrick Sudue will not compromise anything wrong; instead the LNP will deal with crimes in accordance with the laws.

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