By next year, fifteen seats in the honorable Liberian Senate will be up for grasp as a result of the expiration of the nine years’ term.  It is also expected that fifteen senators will be up for re-election in the 2020 mid-term senatorial election.

As the election draws closer, names of would-be challengers to these incumbent senators have begun to pop up from every side of the political spectrum.

No doubt, the momentum for the 2020’s Mid-Term Senatorial Election promises to be an intriguingly captivating contest for political supremacy between a well sophisticated and unified opposition block, and a floppy CDC led government.

Grand Bassa’s Senator and Political Leader of the Liberty Party, Nyonblee Karnga-Lawrence is one of those senators standing for re-election in the 2020’s Mid-term Senatorial Elections.

But, unlike other counties where opposition to incumbent senators has become glaringly visible, it is yet unknown who could be Senator Karnga-Lawrence’s main challenger.

Many pundits and Liberian political observers have attributed the absence of a formidable force against madam Karnga-Lawrence ahead of the 2020 race to what they termed as the “Nyonblee fear factor”. Many believe that her numerous developmental and humanitarian initiatives are sufficient to justify her bid for re-election.

Furthermore, she is the Political leader of the Liberty Party, a Party that has evidently proven political dominance amongst the Bassa speaking people from 2005 to present.

It therefore becomes a daunting task or an insurmountable challenge for would-be opponents against Senator Karnga-Lawrence in a county that remains politically relevant as far as presidential election is concerned.

As the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) struggles for balance amid the declaiming state of the country’s economy coupled with the government’s inability to deliver on ambiguous campaign promises, the outcome of the mid-term election will be a significant factor in determining the political trajectory of the Liberian state ahead of the 2023 presidential election

Since her election as Senator of Grand Bassa county in 2013 to complete the unexpired term of the late John Francis Wellfield, Nyonblee Karnga-Lawrence, the first elected female senator of Grand Bassa County has within a relatively short period of time established herself as one of the influencers and powerbrokers at the Liberian Legislature on Capitol Hill.

As the only female senator currently within the male-dominated   Liberian Senate, she Chairs the influential Senate committee on Rules, Order and Administration.

Her brilliance, farsightedness, and impudence has earned her an enviable repetition amongst equals.

In the context of Grand Bassa politics, Senator Nyonblee Karnga-Lawrence is regarded by many as the “the land lady” and senator “beyond borders” due to her remarkable representation of the county and tremendous contributions towards the social and academic needs of the people.

She has nose and eye for politics. She masters the game of politics and knows how to find remedy for complex political situation. Senator Lawrence’s fames rest upon solid achievements. This female political general is well regarded within the length and breadth of Grand Bassa County.

She has created a clean fortress for herself and is not prepared to bury her head in sand in championing cause of her people.

Senator Lawrence remains a towering and unwavering voice for the people of Grand Bass County. Her political Strength is as strong as the force of an elephant.

She is regarded as the darling queen and superb driver of the body politics of Grand Bassa County. Many elements have been vanquished by her political venom.

Senator Lawrence pierces the utter most components of rivals and those who are harboring any misguided political ambition should think twice.

She has been tested, tried, and proven to be unsurmountable when   it comes to the Bassa’s people politics.

This Female Political Heavy Weight has bullied, buried, thrashed, and vanquished rivals in Grand Bassa County.

Considering the many difficulties confronting the health sector, Senator Lawrence established the Nyonblee Cares Foundation, a non-for profit organization to accommodate the humanitarian needs of underprivileged citizens.

Through the Nyonblee Cares Foundation, she has set into motion a mobile clinic project which provides routine medical services to rural dwellers in Liberia. In addition to that, the foundation has consistently made donations of assaulted medical supplies to medical facilities across the county.

The latest of said donations include seven hundred new hospital beds and mattresses, three thousand boxes of assaulted medication, and wheel chairs to hospitals and clinics in Lofa, Bong, Sinoe, Grand Kru, Bassa, Montserrado and other parts of Liberia.

Given the obnoxious, precarious, deleterious, and abrasive economic situation in the country which has made Liberians to wallop endlessly in vicious circle of hardship, destitution, stagnation, poverty, and abject misery, it has placed the Iron-Lady of Bassa in a vivacious position in pilling colossal sum of votes in vote-rich Grand Bassa County.

It is being rumored and echoed that out of reluctance and pretense the ruling establishment is considering featuring IT-Turn-Foreign Minister, G. Milton Findley to challenge the Female Political Heavy Weight in the 2020 Senatorial Mid-election which pundits have stressed that it will a feeble process.

Findely, who lacks the political pedigree and credential and who has been succeeding through hooks and crooks seems to be the political bravado stand in front of tempest and excruciating wind of Senator Lawrence.

Liberians believe very strongly that the chronic ineptitude and appalling incompetence of Findley has greatly contributed to the messy economic situation.

Finley, now a comfortable member in President Weah’s kitchen cabinet was miserably defeated in 2014 by Jonathan L. Kaipay of the Liberty Party at the time when he [Finley] was president pro-tempore of the Liberian Senate. Neither his title nor the size of his pocket could save his political demise.

It is a known secret amongst the Bassa people that Finley is a man who lacks the political leverage and grass-root support to challenge Senator Lawrence.

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