Unity Party USA/CANADA

Maryland, MD 15906 – USA

Date: 05/24/2021

Reference: Illegal Elections/Minnesota Chapter Brooklyn Park, Minnesota USA

Unity Party USA/CA stands as an extended arm of the National Unity Party in Liberia with domicile in the state of Maryland U.S.A.  As an extended arm, we believe in democracy for all, with freedom to act with law abiding principles of the United States as diaspora citizens of Liberia. The name and abbreviation mentioned herein, Unity Party USA/CA (UPUSA/CA) will be used interchangeably.

UPUS/CA have enacted its constitution not only for institutional building but also to protect fundamental principal of the organization and save guide its established precedents as mandated in the constitution according to which all chapters are acknowledged to be governed. UPUSA/CA upholds these principles to safe guide the integrity of the organization.

Unity Party USA/CA stands against the flagrant violations of the Constitution and the hijacking of power by Minnesota Chapter with a hasty uncontested election illegally termed as “National Election”. Their actions is consider a complete infringement on the constitution, security and well-being of the organization. Therefore, we present the Position Statement.

Convention and elections in Minnesota,

On October 19, 2019, Minnesota chapter hosted a Chapter meeting/ Convention and conducted illegally elections terms as “National Elections”. in the present of Mr. Joseph N. Boakai knowing 98% of national members were not present and did not consent to a convention let alone election of officer for UPUSA/CA. Unfortunately, Mr. Boakai and the Minnesota elections did not feel the need to include or respect the guideline of UPUSA/CA constitution.

Vice President Joseph N. Boakai

By virtue of his positions and cognizance of internal strife and quarrels in UPUSA/CA, former Vice President and National Unity Party of Liberia Presidential candidate, Joseph Nyumah Boakai attended the Minnesota Convention, delivered keynote speech and installed elected officers. We greatly regard the VP action alarmingly disturbing.

As constitutionally mandated, the Minnesota Elections process completely ignore National Elections guidelines and conducted elections far below democratic norms. They conducted a chicanery electoral process, denied “free and fair elections” and if the unscrupulous practice allow could undermine UPUSA/CA National Electoral structural and the organization could be well on its way to self-destruction.

Unfortunately, the former Vice President, Joseph N. Boakai in his speech after his departure from the USA, spoke about the cohesiveness of Unity Party USA/CA, of which his comment left us astonishingly flabbergasted and knowing fully well he left behind internal quarrel in the party, chose a laissez-faire approach to the problems and relaying the alternative truth.

Unity Party USA/CA a registered organization

UPUSA/CA is a legally Registered Nonprofit organization under the laws of the District of Columbia Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs in Washington DC (DCRA). Be advised there can be legal consequences arising from contravening and distorting the laws under which the organization is governed.

In view of the foregoing concerns mentioned herein,


According to Article VII section II of Unity Party USA/CA Constitution, a requirement of 5 Delegates needed for Chapter representation and participation at National Convention. The Minnesota Convention and Elections of October 19, 2019 did not meet those requirements and therefore their elections are not recognized to be so representative of UPUSA/CA.

As a legal entity, UPUSA/CA adhere to the organic laws that governs the organization. Anything short of that like the Minnesota Chapter elections cannot be recognized because their action contravenes the basic principles of the Organization. Therefore, we recommend that the so-called Election held in Minnesota be nullified and their Chapter leaders be advised to return and adhere to the constitution of UPUSA/CA if they choose to be part of this organization.

BE IT RESOLVED further the senior partisan,

As a Senior and well-respected leader of our party, cognizance of the internal quarrels within UPUSA/CA, our former Vice President of Liberia, former standard bearer and National Unity Party of Liberia Presidential candidate, Joseph Nyumah Boakai, attended Minnesota Convention, delivered keynote speech and installed their Elected Officers. Instead of our senior leader to proactively and directly intervening and settle internal discourse, the Vice President, Joseph N. Boakai ignores partisans’ complaints, pleads, and failed to meet with aggrieve partisans but instead, sided with ‘partisans’ demagogue’ responsible for the jarring discordance affecting the organization.

Furthermore, the third paragraph in the VP speech in Liberia after his return from the USA, and I quote, “as a demonstration of their sincerity and commitment, the Unity Partisans in the Americas decided to put behind them bitter divisions which kept them apart and undermined their effectiveness”. That statement is far from the truth and fell short of sincerity. The VP left behind internal disputes within UPUSA/CA and chose not to intervene. Shockingly, VP Boakai sided with the group perpetuating the dissension and his association with them makes him an accessory to the problems.

His actions not only betrayed our trust and confidence in him but it also drives a wedge in the organization ability to solve its problems. More importantly, we believe he could have crafted a cohesive strategy to help move the Party forward but instead, chose a “laissez-faire approach” to the problems.

Finally, in view of the aforementioned circumstances, and in the interest of cooperation and desire for peaceful and stable resolutions to the conflicting issues at hand, we call for the creation of a consultative National Conference, headed by a (Chairperson) to amicably reach peaceful solutions to the problems at hand and prepare ways for National Convention in July of 2020.

Honorable Chairman, Mr. Wilmot Payne,

We urgently admonish your office consider this letter “high-priority” and gives you (two weeks) time sensitive response deadline. Thereafter, depending on the response or no response, UPUSA/CA leadership stands ready to put in effect the next appropriate action plan to remedy the situation. We strongly advise your consent regarding this urgent matter.

Approved: _____________________

Eric G. Karsor

Acting Chairman



Signed: _________________________

David Saah

Committee Chairman


Signed: __________________________

Millie Peters

Committee Co-Chairlady




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