The Long Wait Finally Over! -JNB Names Running Mate this Friday

MONROVIA – The Standard Bearer of the former ruling Unity Party (UP), former Vice President Joseph Nyuma Boakai ,has finally disclosed the date on which he will be unveiling his long-awaited running mate. According to a trending post that made the rounds on social media on Saturday, April 22, 2023, Ambassador Boakai will on Friday, April 28, 2023, unveil his running mate at the National Headquarters of the Unity Party on Broad Street.

“The TIME has come that I name my running mate. I will do so this Friday, the 28th April, 2023 at the National Headquarters of the Unity Party on Broad Street.

“As LEADER of the 2023 Special Rescue Mission in Liberia, I hereby call on all of you to turnout in your numbers, and rally your bases to send a strong message that we’re committed and determined to rescue and redeem Liberia.

“Let’s do this together! The tent is large, the rescue train is moving. Get onboard and do not get down until we arrive at our final destination together. My arms are outstretched to welcome you onboard this Rescue Mission. Let us THINK LIBERIA, LOVE LIBERIA and, together, BUILD LIBERIA. Roll up your sleeves, GAME ON!” Ambassador Boakai enthused buoyantly.

Possible picks

The announcement from the Unity Party standard bearer comes in the wake of the long-drawn anticipation from the general public, UP partisans, stalwarts, sympathizers and even from the ruling party over when Mr. Boakai would name his running mate and who would be the chosen one.

Over the past months, the name of Collaborating Political Parties (CPP) standard bearer Alexander B. Cummings had featured prominently in the grapevine, with speculations running rife the Mr. Cummings and Ambassador Boakai had lately been engaged in secret meetings to broker a deal that would see Cummings becoming the Vice Standard Bearer to JNB. However, recent comments from the ANC political leader, that he never entered the race to settle for second place, seemed to have dampened the prospect of a last minute miraculous political remarriage between JNB and Cummings.

On the other hand, the name of Grand Bassa County Senator Nyonblee Karnga-Lawrence had continued to crop up as one of those expected to be named as Ambassador Boakai’s running mate. However, the internal rift within the opposition Liberty Party which saw the diminishing of Senator Lawrence’s political influence and sway over the country’s third largest political party further dampened Nyonblee running as Vice President to Ambassador Boakai.

Lately, popular talk show host and political activist Henry Pedro Costa has been in the running for Ambassador Boakai’s running mate, against the background of news that Costa had been working overtime behind the scenes with vested political interests that have been pushing him to be picked on the Unity Party ticket. However, given the string of controversies that emerged over his possible selection, Costa might not see the light of day to be picked as running mate to JNB.

Among one of the most likely names to be chosen as running mate to former Vice President Boakai, Nimba County Senator Jeremiah Koung tops the list, especially against the background that the Unity Party could significantly benefit from having a Vice Presidential candidate coming from the nation’s second most populated county. 

Also of significance is the fact that political kingmaker Senator Prince Y. Johnson who is Governing Chairperson of Senator Koung’s Movement for Reconstruction and Development (MRD), heavily favors JNB entering the presidential race with Koung by his side, a development that will not be lost on the majority of the Nimba County electorates.

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