‘The Jewel that I know, Is Not a weakling’ -Observer Urges CDC

Following Vice President Jewel Howard-Taylor’s recent comments that she would make a decision on who to support in Bong County when she returns home shortly, the National Chairman of the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change, Mulbah K. Morlu, said last Saturday in Bong County expressed optimism that Vice President Taylor will support the party’s candidate, incumbent senator Henry Yallah. “I know the Vice President is party-disciplined and I know upon her return she will support Senator Yallah’s re-election. She knows that the image of the Coalition for Democratic Change remains supreme in these midterm elections,” Morlu said. But VP Taylor, in a recent email said “I maintain my stance that I won’t be supporting Senator Henry Yallah for the Senate seat in Bong County. Senator Yallah is a member of the Congress for Democratic Change, and it’s up to the party to make sure he gets elected, not me”. In the wake of these developments, Mr. Rufus A.A. Jallah who indicated that he has carefully observed Madam Taylor throughout her political career, said those who think that VP Jewel Howard Taylor is a weakling that she doesn’t have a mind of her own, and is no longer significant to the Liberian political debate, must be living in la-la land. See full text of Mr. Jallah’s comments below.

“When the debate is lost: Slander becomes the tools of the losers”

These are the words of Socrates, one of the greatest philosophers in history. The social media has been flooded with insane propaganda attempting to question the loyalty and party discipline of Madam Jewel Howard-Taylor. Her call to Liberians to be patriotic and vote not on party lines, has been perceived as a threat to CDC chances during the Senatorial elections in December.

What these little cannon fodders don’t understand is that they are beneficiaries of the sacrifices Jewel made to ensure a CDC victory in the 2017 National Elections. These disrespectful miscreants were far off the tangent when Jewel was making a case for the CDC to leaders across Africa and beyond.

The level of support Jewel galvanized in 2017 through external and internal links have been easily forgotten by the CDC fanatics who think they have arrived and she is no longer needed. The CDC in its selection of Senatorial candidates blatantly ignored and utterly side-brushed Jewel’s opinion and harbored a wishful thought that she would endorse anything on the ballot bearing CDC.

I wonder if these people even understand a rudimentary level of politics to deceive themselves that Jewel is a weakling and would play at the whims and caprices of CDC stalwarts.

The Jewel that I know is a fighter and a woman who understands the dialectics of politics and will come out even stronger and catch the CDC pants down. Let them sleep with the illusion that Jewel is a coward and can be used as a political tissue. Liberians and the world are watching, the CDC will be dragged in the mud as long as they underestimate Jewel’s capacity and influence.  

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