THE VIOLENCE THAT characterized the senatorial primary of the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP) over the last week in Nimba County is coming too early in the day to dash the hope of the people after the rave commendation that greeted the formal declaration of the four main political parties to collaborate against the ruling Coalition of Democratic Change (CDC). This act was least expected from a group that prides itself as a viable platform to undo what she perceives the ruling party is currently engaged in which are not germane to the growth and development of our nascent democracy.

THE ACTION TAKEN so far to launch a full scale investigation through a committee to unveil the circumstances surrounding the ugly situation is commendable and must not leave any stone unturned to bring to book all those involved regardless of their statuses in the CPP. At the end of the exercise, it should claim the attention of the CPP to publicly apologize to the Liberian people especially their supporters for the show of shame and disgrace. This will in no small way wipe out the scars inflicted on the image of the institution

THIS PAPER IS on record of welcoming the decision of the four main political parties (UP, LP, ANC and ALP) to form an alliance and provide an issues-driven and robust parallel platform against the ruling CDC. We were never partisan in commending them but our thinking was informed by the fact that we cannot afford having a domineering ruling establishment to co-exist with a fragile and docile opposition and expect a functioning democracy. We need a democracy where the government is checkmated by a virile opposition thereby enriching our governance system.

IT IS IN this respect that we send a clarion call on the leadership of the CPP to urgently take appreciate actions to redirect its path before the worst occurs. In the case where one of major constituent parties, the ANC has vehemently rejected the entire outcome of the primary and calling for a complete rerun is troubling. CPP must take a decisive stand on the conduct and result of the primary by either reconciling their differences to accept the candidature of Madam Edith Gongloe-Weh or doing a rerun between the already declared winner and the aggrieved contestant Mr Taa Wongbe to determine the authentic candidate in the ensuing Special Senatorial race. This will restore confidence in the people that indeed the opposition means business.

WE WANT TO remind CPP that no doubt the December 8, 2020 will be a rehearsal to the defining moments we envisage to come during the general elections in 2023. If they cannot sit up right now how to strategize moving forward, their hope of democratically wrestling power from the CDC will be a pipe dream.

THE CPP CAN succeed to avert any further negative occurrence by stopping to exert their individual arrogance and endowment , be it numerical strength, experience in politics, money or any other resources on the alliance . They must begin to treat each other as equal partners working for a single goal they have made the Liberian people to believe. They need to field candidates that command the respect and confidence of the electorates other than presenting imposed and predetermined candidates for elections.

THE NIMBA FALLOUT is a litmus test that must not be repeated and encouraged.

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