The Church Must Play Engagement Role -Says Bishop William K. Davies

The newly ordained Resident Bishop of First of Love and Faith in Liberia, has called on the church and the Liberian Christian community to always remain on the path of peaceful and constructive engagements in the development of Liberia.

Speaking Sunday during a coronation program held at the Church’s Headquarters in West Point Township in Monrovia, Bishop Davies said the Church of Liberia has long buttressed the developmental needs of Liberia but without creating the opportunities for constructive engagement to direct or channel the Church of Liberia support to the government.

Bishop Davies further said the church of Liberia should remain engage constructively with the government and the people of Liberia should the Liberian society continued to enjoy the benefits of development initiatives from the church.

He said the Church of Liberia led the foundation for Liberia’s independence in 1847 and that landmark history remains pivotal to the world at large, saying that which was achieved by the church and the Christian Community should not be thwarted as a result of political differences in the country.

The Bishop Davies indicated that it was time for the Liberian Church to be united in the nation and speak with one authoritative voice on issues that are challenging to national development.

The Church, he said should always have a critical but balance position in making decision on national issues, especially when those things that are in questions are not of significant threats to national development, stressing that the Church of Liberia should always remain in the position of playing its role as the cornerstone of Liberia.

Besides, Bishop Davies pledged his church’s commitment to buttressing government’s efforts in the development of Liberia and noted that the FCLF congregation in Liberia will fully work with the Christian community in Liberia in promoting the flag of development in the country.

Speaking earlier, outgoing Bishop of the FCLF, Rtd. Bishop E. Teah Klay expressed appreciation to the new administration and the church for the support over the years noting that the FCLF will achieve its potential and contributions to Liberia when members of the church will continue their support to new leadership of the FCLF in Liberia.

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