The Analyst newspaper newsroom was burglarized last night by unknown individuals, with all of the computers and other newsroom equipment taken away. Those who are responsible for the burglary broke through one of the office window bars and entered the newsroom.

According to Publisher Stanley Seakor, what is even surprising is, if the act was only meant to steal, why would the burglars restrict themselves to the newsroom and take away only computers with all the media establishment information?

“None of the other offices were broken into. The Conference Room which wasn’t locked contained about 14 chairs; the mini generator is still in the papers room; the business office is still intact. The wall fan in the news room was left untouched. Was it really the work of criminals or was it meant to sabotage The Analyst,” publisher Seakor lamented.

Meanwhile, the Analyst has invited the police to conduct an investigation into the burglary. “The police visited our office this morning to have an appreciation of the crime scene, and they promised us that they will do all within their power to conclusively investigate the matter,” Mr. Seakor stated.

Established August 13, 1998 by the Liberia Analyst Corporation, The Analyst Newspaper remains Liberia’s foremost analytical news outlet that works convincingly to showcase good journalism within a democratic context that promotes national growth through time-based appraisals and friendly criticisms aimed at pricking the conscience of society.

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