‘Thank You for Praying For My Father’ -Grateful Charlyn Brumskine Appreciates Liberians

When news broke that one of Liberia’s learned lawyers and politicians, Cllr Charles Walker Brumskine, was critically ill, the country was taken by storm and many scurried, bracing themselves for the wrong news. Perhaps due to the severe nature of the illness, even his political base, the Liberty Party, could hardly stomach the news; they had to put it out in the public glare. But some people of faith did not allow emotions to overtake them. They resorted to prayers for the recovery of the Liberty Party Strongman. A little over a month later, the much-feared bad news did not come. Instead, the daughter of the sick man posted on her Facebook page last Thursday, September 26, 2019 acknowledging the public’s copious prayerful reactions—an indication that the legal luminary is somewhat salvaged from the severity of illness. The Analyst reports.  


  The daughter of Cllr. Charles W. Brumskine has soothed public anxiety with her Thursday’s Facebook post in which she tendered much appreciation for the Liberian public over their reactions to news about her father’s sickness. 

  “On behalf of my mother, my brothers and the entire Brumskine family, I want to say a big, big ‘thank you’ to all of you who lifted my father up in prayer during the past 2 months,” she wrote on her Facebook face, adding that “Words cannot describe how grateful we are to you.”

  On the morning of Sunday, August 19, the country awoke to social media-propelled news that Cllr Brumskine was sick and in terminal conditions.  In fact, a day earlier, there were some who whispered that the former President Pro-tempore had died.

   Then his political party, the Liberia Party, issued a statement calling on partisans and other well-meaning Liberians to pray for him because, according to the statement, he was critically ill.

  “The Executive Committee of Liberty Party through the office of the Political leader, Senator Nyonblee Karnga-Lawrence, informs its partisans, well-wishers and the general public that its former political leader and former Standard-Bearer, Cllr. Charles Walker Brumskine, is not well and is seeking medical treatment abroad,” said a statement signed by the Political Leader Senator Younblee Kangar.

  The statement continued: “As the party seeks the special grace of God upon its founding father for healing, it makes a special request to all partisans and the general public to remember Cllr. Brumskine in their prayers.”

  It even seemed some public officials had even already drafted their tributes or fashioned what they would say if the bad news became reality.

  The last one month and a week was a period of extreme anxiety for many Liberians, particularly fans, supporters and relatives of the longtime Liberian politician.

  But what would calm nerves came last Thursday when Charlyn Brumskine posted a welcoming message on the social media.

  “I saw people from all over the world, especially my fellow Liberians, unite in prayer in a way that touched our family so deeply,” she said without mentioning the degree of the illness before and now.

  However, she continued: “We received messages, calls, texts, social media posts from Liberians from every corner of our country. We received prayers and messages of hope from the Highest Office in Government to people who I had never met before but only knew me on Facebook. I received messages of support from every religious group, every political party, every geographic area of our great nation.”

   Ms Brumskine wrote further: “During one of the most difficult times in my life, I saw Liberians as I have always known us to be– compassionate, loving and unified in a common cause—prayer and support for one of our own.”

  She said she had always believed in the greatness, love and compassion of the Liberian people and always believed in the power of prayer.

   “Because of each of you, through your actions, I was able to see the manifestation of the combined love of the Liberian people with the power of prayer,” Cllr. Brumskine’s daughter said, enthusing, “God is great!”

   She thanked the public and asked for continued prayers.

   “Please continue to pray. We still need all of the prayers. It has not been easy,” she admitted. “We still have a long way to go. He still has a long road to full recovery. We love each of you so much. May God flood you with blessings beyond your imagination. Thank you.”

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