Tenure Termination War At NAFAA? -As Encomiums Pour on Emma Glassco

MONROVIA: As the wave for the removal of tenured officials continue to get unpopular with the citizens especially in the absence of the observance of the rule of law, there could be another means being adopted by those who are targeting specific government officials whose tenures are being protected by law as information has it on good authority that monetizing strike actions to cause havoc and make staffers to go against management of entities have now emerged as the best way to go.

One of the those who may be a target of the latest move to derail due process and remove her by force is Madam Emma Metieh-Glassco whose stellar performance at the once docile National Fishery and Aquaculture Authority(NaFAA) brought huge revenue haul to the country just as she has elevated the sector to an enviable height in the subregion.

On yesterday, a few workers at the entity some of whom had being involved in inciting other workers to engage in anti-administration activities, specifically to blackmail and malign Madam Glasco engaged in a public destruction of normal activities at the entity by holding placards with inscription portraying they have genuine reasons to call the attention of the management to order.

What was concerning after listing their grievances and not willing to table the same before management is their resolve to mobilize their members to resort to some form of violence that will compel Madam Glassco to yield to their demands.

Some workers spoken to The Analyst during the protest expressed shock over the attitude of their colleagues whom they explained did not exhaust all the available means of communication within the handbook of the entity.

A lady who has been working at the institution before the arrival of Madam Glassco said it was shameful for the protesters to engage on a wide dream without making an assessment positively what Madam Glassco has done over the years.

“Human beings are very quick to forget Glassco has brought to this country; respect has been restored and we now have specific studies on fishery which is developmenet and we should be proud about that.

“She took the industry from nowhere and today it has become the toast of other sectors where formerly it was reporting USD80k annually to the budget and now it contributing about USD4m to the national coffers”, he said

Though it has not been independently confirmed, but one Marthaline Dargoseh has been named as Officer in Charge (OIC) by President Boakai to take over from Madam Glasco even when Madam Glassco who has still about 2 years to end her tenure is still around.

Madam Glassco when contacted to speak to the media admitted that there were minor disruptions to “our normal activities but we are fully in control of the situation and we will ensure that everyone is safe from unnecessary disturbances within the premises”, blaming it on the action of mischief makers in the name of politics.

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