Tears Rekindled For Brumskine -Wife Invokes Sorrow In Eulogy At Memorial Ceremony

If politics, African politics for the matter, was not a cruel game; if it had known a good friend from a foe or honest citizen for a robber, all corners of Liberia would be submerged in grief this week. It was around this time 68 year ago, specifically on April 27, that a true Liberian, who fought for peace, justice and harmony was born, before taking his exit to the Great Beyond nearly two years ago. Charles Walker Brumskine was a fine Liberian politician amongst millions; one who never left hard feelings on anyone, even in the characteristically chaotic political arena. He saw a great Liberia that would mean happiness and joy for all if given the mantle of power. But despite momentous sacrifices, Providence called him home without realizing his dream. But a number of faithful Liberians would not let his natal day pass on without giving it a benefiting ceremony, which was why they gathered at the University of Liberia on April 27, 2021 to pay their posthumous tributes and eulogies. Amongst the moving eulogies was his wife’s whose dispositions invoked tears and wailings in the audience. The Analyst reports.

The wife of the deceased founder and political leader of the Liberty Party (LP), Mrs. Estella Brumskine, says the Friends of Brumskine and her late husband, Cllr. Charles Walker Brumskine,  go back a long way, from the days in the United States so many years ago, where the Friend of Brumskine was born.

The wife of Cllr. Brumskine also thanked the Friends of Brumskine International for honoring my late husband Charles and for keeping his legacy alive by launching the Charles Walker Brumskine Memorial Lecture Series; she further thanked all attendees for sharing this moment with the Brumskine family.

“Our family highly appreciate this,” she noted.

The note of appreciation to the Friends of Brumskine and others was contained in a statement red on her behalf her and the Brumskine family by her daughter, Atty. Charlyne Brumskine at the Inaugural Program of the Charles Walker Brumskine Lecture Series launched by the FOB at the Auditorium of the University of Liberia yesterday, April 27, 2021.

Mrs Brumskine was quoted as saying that she didn’t even remember everything, but noted that her reflection can captured the strategy meetings, the various scripts and programs, whether in Virginia where she and the late Charles Brumskine lived at the time or in other States where members of the Friends of Brumskine resided, all in the interest of reforming, reconciling, recovering and rebuilding our nation.

Appreciating the FOB thanks for being there and with Cllr. Brumskine all these many years and for still being there with him even at this time. Mrs. Brumskine said to many people, Cllr. Brumskine was a politician, adding that the learned lawyer was considered an astute politician who was passionately devoted, to politics with every aspect of his body, his intellect, his spirit.

He was not devoted to politics “Not just for politics’ sake, but because of his love for this nation and for Liberians,” Mrs Brumskine asserted, pointing out that this is why many years ago he left the US and return to Liberia.

His love for this country, Mrs. Brumskine asserted, is best exemplified by this quotation written when he returned home when he said, “But I am blessed to have enjoyed the singular honor of returning home at the time to provide many Liberian with the sense of hope when it matter the most.”

The Brumskine family said their husband and father returned home “at the time when you needed someone just to say I love you enough to put my life on the online. I returned home because I wanted to sure that many of you will have the chance of starting your lives anew. I came because of my love for you. My fellow Liberians, and because our country so desperately needed an alternative voice and I am glad I did.”

Regardless of the many challenges Cllr. Brumskine Charles faced during his political career, the family said he remained glad he came back to help a nation and people that he so loved. His vision was to remake Liberia into a new Liberia, through a government that will commit to a rule of law and good governance. That will establish justice and ensure domestic peace and promote the welfare of all.

“Charles believes that the future of this nation depends on good governance and the rule of law. He always talk to me about how the rule of law will ensure accountability and transparency in government. And how good governance will help to improve the standard of living for all Liberians regardless of where they live, their background and whether they were educated or uneducated. Good governance will enable Liberians enjoy basic legal and human rights,” the family said.

The statement recalled that his belief was that poor governance was the most persistent hurdle to Liberia becoming the nation that God created it to be, a glorious land of liberty by God’s command.

According to the family, “Charles strongly believes in the rule of law, as he would always say without the rule of law there will be chaos, and Charles Brumskine was a man of order. He believes that the rule of law is paramount in preserving our democracy. He not only believes in the rule law but he also respected the rule and legal authority as was conveyed in his even in his political life.”

The family statement issued by his wife and read by his daughter indicated that the Liberty Party’s official contract with Liberian people penned down many years ago was to remake Liberia under the rule of law.

“Even during some of the most challenging times in his political career especially during the 2017 election, he relied on the rule of law. Even as Charles believe in good governance in the role of nation building, he also believe that some of the principles of good governance such as accountability, transparency and ethical conduct are also applicable to our personal and professional lives,” Mrs. Brumskine, the spokesperson of the family said.

She said Cllr. Brumskine would say that if we Liberians did not start practicing these principles in our daily lives, in our homes, our jobs and in our dealings with each other at every level then it will be difficult to do so at the highest level such as nation building.

“Charles practiced what he preached, whether in his personal, professional or political life. That is why he was known always as the man of integrity, a man who could be trusted. He had a hope for this country. He was so optimistic about the change that he along with so many others could bring to our nation and the result to new Liberia,” the family indicated.

The Brumskines’ statement noted that Cllr. Brumskine wanted to see the new Liberia where regardless of one’s political affiliation, every background, religion or creed could become a place that all Liberians could be proud of; a nation where everyone would be treated fairly and have equitable access to the resources of this country and where there will not be different set of rules depending on who you are.

“It was never about Charles Brumskine, but [it] always the people of Liberia and the future of this country that he believe God blessed us with,” she eulogized her husband.

She said there is not a day that goes by that she doesn’t think about her my loving husband – a loving and caring father and grandfather.

“I also think about how much he loved this country and its people. I am grateful for the impact he made on the rule of law to Liberia, and for the many, many lives he touched. Our family is very proud of his achievements and the way he lived his life,” she said.

She once again thank you for honoring his membrane in keeping his legacy alive by launching the Charles Brumskine Memorial Lecture Series with the first theme “Building a Nation -State on the Platform of Rule of Law and Good Governance” this was so important to him. It helps me to know that his effort and his sacrifices were not in vein.

“I look forward to the day when we march into the new Liberia that Charles dreamed and devoted so much of his time and energy and resources. And again thanks for keeping the legacy alive, God bless and God bless our country,” the statement concluded.

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