“Targeted Disrespect” – EPS Officers Denies Senator Dillon Entry into

Montserrado County Senator Abraham Darius Dillon suffered what he referred to as “targeted disrespect” when operatives of the Executive Protection Security (EPS) prevented him and his security bodyguards from entering the Samuel Kanyon Doe Sports Stadium where Montserrado County played against Lofa County yesterday, January 31, 20201. A well-built EPS officer viewed in a video footage with some police officers and other state security officers apparently of either the Liberia Immigration Service were seen attacking the Senator and his men who were going on the stadium apparent to cheer Montserrado County.

According to Senator Dillon, that place would have turned chaotic from thousands of supporters who got angry from the targeted disrespect, but said “Thank God, we held our restraint to call for calm.”

On his social media page, the Senator explained that President Weah’s EPS continues to disrespect and target him, noting that this disrespect has gone beyond. “Even with a VIP ticket clearly displayed, I was embarrassed, refused and blocked from entering the SKD today [that is Sunday] in the presence of the EPS Director and other state security officers.

Noting “My personal security guard was harassed, assaulted and injured,” Senator Dillon further explained that this is the fifth time this particular EPS officer has behaved so unruly toward him, at other places including the Capitol Building.

“I had to leave the stadium without entering the field to watch the game. It would have been worse and chaotic had I not held restraint as a national leader. The thousands of supporters that went to witness the game were up and ready to retaliate as a means of protecting me; I had to appeal for calm,” Senator Dillon indicated.

He promise to formally lay this before the Senate for redress, adding “This unruly behavior is completely unacceptable, and will not allow same to continue going forward.”Few Hours later after the incident, Senator Dillon posted on his facebook page, “For the record and for the sake of clarity before they begin to fly with any cover-up lie, the President was NOT seated in the VIP at the time the EPS Officers targeted me for disrespect at the SKD earlier today. The undeniable FACT is, the President was already on the soccer pitch, playing the ‘Weah 11 vs. Lones Star’ game. Further, others were being allowed entry into the very VIP at the time of the unprovoked, targeted disrespect. This is for the record and to expose the planned cover-up lie”.

This attacks which he posted in various video footages showing tussle of the state security officers attracted some comments from some Facebook users, some of whom condemned the action that depict that state security including the EPS and police etc., are regime security. A fellow who was viewing the video clips could not mince words when he said “These are the same reason why the security was disbanded and reform. But at it turns out to be, the money spent by our international partners have wasted in the disband

Edward S. Lamin in his reaction said “This is totally unacceptable for a state security of police to behave in this manner. This is uncivilized and completely out of order.” Lamin could not believe his eyes to see that state security have turned into CDC party security.

Similar sentiments were expressed by Joe V. Thompson who implored Senator Dillon to please leave the stadium; noting, “As you rightly said, we need you most. The game today [meaning Sunday] will be played and will come to an end but Liberia will remain.

Also reacting to what the senator referred to as the “unruly” behavior, Morris Saah said the behavior is “So sad” and recommended that “serious disciplinary action must be taken against this officer to serve as deterrence.”

“This is some of the reason why I hate this government; because lawless people are too much. TWT” [meaning time will tell], said Darling Gaigai, while Massalay Prince another Facebook user remarked, “This nonsense really needs to stop. What embarrassment is this? Group of irresponsible criminals in state security uniform.”

Efforts to ascertain from the EPS on what went wrong was not fruitful due to the football game and other engagements for the day.

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