Tamma Corporation Launches School Mass

By: Anthony Q. Jiffan, Jr.
An Information Technology Group, Tamma Corporation has launched a new technology program in Liberia aimed at digitizing the Liberian schools system. The program “School Mass” is in support of reducing the burdens of both parents and students from standing in queue at schools’ campuses or banking institutions for the payment of school fees.
The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Tamma Corporation, Mr. Abdullah Kamara said School Mass is a technology program that is also intended to provide easy access for school administrators, students as well as parents to access students’ information through a digitized system.
Speaking in an interview with The Analyst, the CEO of the information technology group said the initiative will improve school’s activities throughout the length and breadth of the country in terms of the registration of students, transfer and others.
Mr. Kamara said the necessity and importance of information technology in Liberia’s educational system cannot be overly emphasized, he added that School Mass is ready to handle every aspect of the educational sector in terms of digitizing the process.
According to him, when every school is registered with School Mass, it will help to scrutinize and abolish the tendency of students leaving one institution to another without proper documentation.
“When every school is registered with School Mass, it means that there will be an exchange of information amongst schools in the country, which means any student who is leaving from Tamma High to any other school, the student will have to apply to the next school and the authority of the school in return will request his/her required documents from Tamma High,” he said.
Mr. Kamara also said the presence of more than 100 schools at the launch of the program on the main campus of the University of Liberia on Capitol Hill, Monrovia indicates their readiness to form part of the digitization process that is about to be introduced in the educational system of Liberia.
He however urged all schools across the country to take advantage of the process in order to move Liberia educational system one step closer to the systems of other countries across the globe.
“I do believed that our schools administrators in Liberia will use this opportunity to make their schools information system simple for themselves, their students as well as their parents or guardians, because this will even help those abroad and sponsoring students in Liberia,” Tamma Group CEO asserted.
He indicated that School Mass is helpful to parents, guardians or sponsors who are either out of Monrovia or Liberia and wanting to know the day to day activities of their school going children in schools they are attending without communicating with the child or student.

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